Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr has a new podcast about all the crazy things the cast dealt with while filming the show

You know you like this idea. Jessica Szohr organizes a Gossip Girl podcast in which she will talk to the stars and creators of the original series and give us so much behind-the-scenes info on the iconic show.

In case you missed it, rewatch the podcasts that are all the rage right now. The women of CO host one, the ladies of A tree hill host one, and Zooey Deschanel, Hannah Simone and Lamorne Morris just launched one for new girl (it’s the ultimate Winston and Cece mess). It seems almost inevitable that the hit CW series will get one too.

But Szohr, who played outsider Vanessa on the show, says she was initially hesitant about the project. In a new interview with teen vogue, she explains that it won’t be exactly a rewatch podcast but it will be more interviews, for example with series creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (in the first episode) and co-stars Kelly Rutherford and Taylor Momsen (full line). It’s called XOXOduh.

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Szohr, who now lives in Canada with her husband and daughter, also spoke of the crazy lengths the cast had to go to to prevent spoilers when the buzz around the show was at its peak. “There was a time…we wouldn’t have our lines for the next day because they didn’t want the stories leaked. We’d get the sides and he’d say “Dan,” and then it would be all x’s for whatever he said, but it wouldn’t be the dialogue. Then it would say “Vanessa”, and whatever the number of x’s, two lines or a paragraph. So you could see if you were talking a lot, but we wouldn’t get our lines until we were on set,” she recalled in the interview, adding, “We wore overcoats from our trailer to set, to that people don’t. see Serena’s dress or Blair’s outfit to find out where they came from or went to.

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