One girl shared how she turned down a guy in her class because he made her feel uncomfortable. Apparently, he has a hobby of writing fanfiction about the girls in his class.

Here is the story

I turned down a guy who doesn’t take no for an answer and I have to see him in person, how can I turn him down without putting myself in danger?

I (f18) recently turned down a guy (m18) in my class via text message because he made me feel uncomfortable. We had only spoken in total maybe twenty minutes in person over a period of a few days.

He ended up exploding on me and arguing with me for three hours.

I could and should have stopped replying and blocked him immediately, but I have a hard time making anyone upset and just wanted the conversation to end on at least a neutral note.

This does not happen. I have to see him again on Monday and he scares me.

He has a list of girls he’s written fanfiction about and I made the mistake of not saying no to a date with him when I didn’t know (didn’t say yes either ).

He told me that I owed him at least one date and that things could be dangerous for me without him. I feel extremely uncomfortable around him and missed school for a day just to not see him.

How can I turn him down in person without sending mixed messages or making him angry at me so he doesn’t become physically aggressive?

Netizens’ comments

Tell your parents, school counselor and teachers. This dude is a bad guy, don’t let him get away with it, he could do it again

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