Former Calgary Flames Curtis Glencross gives big help to stranded fan

Shayne Hill only saw the deer in front of his headlights for a fraction of a second before the impact of the crash crinkled his car’s hood into the windshield and triggered the airbags.

“I just tried to get out of the way quickly so as not to hurt anyone. I stopped and started crying because I just got this car maybe a week ago, ”recalls Hill.

It was a little before 10 p.m. on a dark stretch of Highway 2A between High River and Calgary in early December – not a great place to run aground.

“I grabbed my phone, went to call my boyfriend and noticed I had one percent battery left,” she added.

Hill managed to make a call to her boyfriend, giving him a rough idea of ​​where she was before the phone broke and she was stuck in the dark.

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Cars continued to pass her for about 15 minutes before a man in a truck stopped to help her.

“He said straight away, ‘You’re going to get in my truck, it’s hot in there. I have a charger, charge your phone, make the phone calls you need, here’s my phone for you. can call somebody, ”Hill said.

“He examined my vehicle for me, made sure I was okay, he helped me call the police. He was just super helpful.

The pieces slowly began to come together as they chatted, awaiting the arrival of Hill’s boyfriend and the police.

The man introduced himself as Curtis. He was returning from a hockey clinic in Lethbridge – an NHL alumni hockey clinic.

“I just looked at it and I was like ‘Curtis Glencross?’ That’s what occurred to me who I was sitting next to, ”Hill said.

“He just laughed, and I really had a fangirl moment. I was like, ‘Saint smokes. I’m sitting next to this guy I watched on TV growing up! “

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For Glencross, there was no doubt what to do when he saw what had happened.

“I saw the brake lights in front of me and the girl hit the deer,” said Glencross, adding that he passed the scene before finding a safe place to turn around and get back to where she had parked.

“I pulled over and let her get into my truck to warm up, charge her phone and make the calls she needed,” said Glencross.

“It feels natural to me to stop and help if someone needs it. “

Hill was so stunned by the stars that she forgot to ask for proof that one of her NHL heroes saved her when she needed it. But it turned out that she wouldn’t have to wait long to get it.

Shayne Hill and Curtis Glencross met again during a minor hockey game in Airdrie.

Courtesy of: Shayne Hill

Coincidentally, the two met a week later during a minor hockey game in Airdrie. This time, Hill was sure to have a photo and to thank Glencross once again.

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Although the vehicle is written off, Hill is grateful that someone is there to step in and help.

“I think it kind of took a whole moment that was really negative and disappointing and that made it a really cool story.

“Who can sit next to Curtis Glencross and say he saved me after hitting a deer?” It was really surreal.

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