Final Fantasy 8: The Tradition Behind Ultimecia Explained


Final fantasy 8The history of has an interesting reputation. The game is fondly remembered by some, and despised by others. A common reason why is the phenomenon that many fans refer to as “Time Compression”, in which after disc 1 things seem to start happening arbitrarily and make less sense. Points like the Lunar Cry flooding the world with monsters and the rampaging Witch Adel are introduced, given a little attention, and then moved on. Much of this can be attributed to Squaresoft’s tightening of deadlines and the removal of more staff from FF8 work on FF9. Still, that gives the back half of Final fantasy 8 a very distinct tone.

Speaking of time compression, the woman behind it is also the source of a lot of discussion. The witch Ultimecia does not appear until the end of Final fantasy 8, but his presence is felt throughout the game. By possessing the other witches, Ultimecia works on her plot to corrupt and destroy the world, and thwarts Heroic Seeds for the duration of the story. Because FF3‘s Cloud of Darkness has no gender, Ultimecia is too Final fantasyis the first, and so far the only, female lead villain in a main game. Thanks to a recent impressive cosplay effort for the FF8 villain, some fans are noticing Ultimecia again. With an important place in FFthe story of and a unique and compelling design, it’s understandable that some fans who just saw her will want to know who she is.

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Final Fantasy 8 Witches

Final Fantasy 8 Battle Adel

Before you can understand who Ultimecia is, you have to understand what it is. Witches are blessed – or cursed – women with phenomenal magical powers. Legend in FF8The world says these are humans with natural magical power by the Grand Hyne. It seems that while there aren’t many, their number remains fixed due to the transfer of power to an eligible human before death. Extensive use of their magic seems to make them appear less human, but no details of this process exist. Sometimes witches take on knights to protect them, like Seifer and Squall for Ultimecia and Rinoa. Only four named witches are present in Final fantasy 8 (Rinoa, Edea, Adel and Ultimecia) and eleven credits appear in a boss fight during time compression.

The main thing that separates a witch from an ordinary mage is that, by default, humans are unable to use magic. Witches have been observed exhibiting all kinds of magical abilities that seem to differ based on their personalities and interests, but humans cannot. This, combined with some FF8The most heinous historical criminals of, being the witches, caused a schism between them and ordinary people. Every known witch is persecuted for her powers and must either withdraw from society, oppose it, or, in the case of at least one unnamed witch, stand up for the common people. A recent witch, believed to be Edea, also helped Dr. Odine develop Para-Magic, which any human can use. Para-Magic encompasses the controversial drawing and joining mechanisms. We can say that a lot of Final fantasy 8The story of ‘s revolves around witches, and that phrase becomes utterly literal when Ultimecia steps in.

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Ultimecia’s role in Final Fantasy 8

Much of Ultimecia’s personality and history is communicated by inference, as she doesn’t speak much for herself. It seems Ultimecia has suffered persecution for being a witch and wants to wipe out all of humanity for it. She harbors a particular hatred for Seeds because of a prophecy referring to a “Legendary Seed” coming to strike her. To subsume all time and space and remake the world in its own image, Ultimecia must be able to cast a time compression spell at an early stage in the story. Using a machine called Junction Machine Ellone installed in Ultimecia Castle, she sends her spirit back in time. Ultimecia possesses witches living around the same time as the machine’s human equivalent, a girl named Ellone, and then forces her to send Ultimecia back even further.

Not much else is known about Ultimecia as a character. His powers reflect his goal of controlling all time and space, and his tendency to see all other living things as tools. One of Final fantasy 8The memorable scenes of ‘involve that she magically charms the nation of Galbadia, verbally abuses her people as an acceptance speech, and then assassinates the current president to gain absolute power. Ultimecia also shows a preference for using the strongest individuals possible. She predicts that Seifer will be a powerful ally if she fascinates him, and spends most of her time controlling Rinoa to possess the more powerful tyrant, the witch Adel. She’s ruthless, powerful, and smart enough to force heroes to allow partial time squeeze just to defeat her.

Anecdote about the witch Ultimecia

The witch Ultimecia strikes a demonic figure, with horned hair, jet black wings, clawed hands and feet, and even the ability to manifest a person’s deepest fears as a mighty monster. She is also motivated by hate and hates Squall for being the “Legendary Seed” prophesied to defeat her. This is in direct contrast to Rinoa, Squall’s lover and a benevolent maiden who manifests golden wings when she uses her witching powers. Rinoa is also paired with her dog Angelo, while Ultimecia creates the lion-like Guardian Force Griever in the final battle. This connection is so strong that fans have speculated that Ultimecia is secretly Rinoa from the distant future, driven mad by the deaths of her friends and the persecution of society. FF8 Director Yoshinori Kitase said, however, that this theory was not true and their similarities could be attributed to the fact that they were both witches.

Also note the English name of Ultimecia. It recalls a feeling of finality, worthy of a witch who lives at the end of time. However, that may not have been Squaresoft’s intention. The Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and German translations are all roughly “Artemisia,” in reference to the Greek goddess Artemis, several important European and Asian women, and a quintessentially Italian name for witches. The original Japanese name for the Ultima spell is Arutema, and Ultimecia’s name is Arutimishia, so it could go either way. This is just another wrinkle contributing to one of the Final fantasymore atypical villains, leading to both Ultimecia and Final fantasy 8 generate fan discussions to date.

Final Fantasy 8 remastered is now available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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