Featured artists at Bandersnatch 2021 arouse spectator excitement



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Before Bandersnatch headliner Tai Verdes took the stage, the lights in the Goldstein Auditorium went out and the only source of light was from student cell phones.

Once the Los Angeles artist took the stage, the lights came back on and the audience greeted Verdes with loud cheers as he sang “Happy til it blesss”. After the song, Verdes made it clear that he wanted the audience to be as excited as possible.

“You have to pretend it’s the biggest gig in the world right now,” he said.

Friday night’s Bandersnatch concert, presented by University Union, featured DJs BenSpence, Maude Latour and Verdes. The event marked the first Bandersnatch in two years – the last iteration of the event, which brought together Syracuse University DJ Troyce Pitones, DUCKWRTH and Koffee, took place in 2019.


BenSpence, a sophomore from SU, took the stage first. And although the crowds were initially subdued at the start of their set, BenSpence wanted to see their audience arrive.

“Come on, come on! He said as the pace dropped in the middle of his set. Immediately the crowd started to jump up and down in unison.

The DJ sampled popular songs including “Way 2 Sexy” from Drake’s latest album “Certified Lover Boy” and “One More Time” by Daft Punk. The audience jumped in and sang with excitement.

BenSpence told Daily Orange after his set that Avicii is one of his biggest inspirations for the performances he presents as a DJ.

Columbia University senior Maude Latour maintained the audience’s affection throughout her set. Even when she took a sip of water, the crowd applauded her.
Anya Wijeweera | Photo editor

“Avicii is the one who kind of gave me the confidence to speak to the crowd,” he said. “It’s all in the interaction. I am there for the people.

After the DJ set, two UU members took the stage to excite the audience before Maude Latour’s performance by asking questions about her.

Latour, a senior at Columbia University, has lived in several cities throughout his life, including Hong Kong and London. But the older person told The DO that she has a special connection to her hometown of New York City, and it inspired her as an artist.

“New York (City) is one of the main reasons I do what I do,” she said. “I had those times where I felt so small and I was connected to something bigger.”

A few minutes after the trivia, Latour took the stage with his song “Shoot and Run”. She arrived dressed in dazzling jeans, a green crop top and a floral jacket. In an interview before her shoot, Latour said her aesthetics and fashion were important to her as an artist.

“I’ve always worn random stuff,” she said. “I’m just trying to put everything in my closet.”

Before singing “Superfruit”, she told the crowd that this song was one of her favorites and stressed that she wanted them to sing along with the song.

“I’m going to need your help on this one,” Latour said before throwing his jacket to the ground.

Next, the singer-songwriter performed an unreleased song, “Strangers Forever,” which is due out next Friday.

While performing “Furniture,” which has over 5 million streams on Spotify, Latour jumped up and down on stage, scoring the students number one. As the song progressed, the students formed little mosh pits with their friends and circled around.

Latour knew how to maintain the affection of the public whatever she did. As she took a sip of water, the whole audience cheered, several people shouting “hydrate”.

Before Latour played “Block Your Number” she wanted the audience to breathe in and out so they could focus. Although there were a few murmurs during the first and second breath cycles, Latour managed to silence the audience completely the third time she took a deep breath with them.

To close his set, Latour performed his most played song to date, “One More Weekend”. The crowd continued to jump and dance to his music under the strobe lights. After thanking the audience and leaving the stage, Latour spoke to the students who came up to her and took selfies with some of them.

DJ Ben Spence Bandersnatch

SU’s second and first act, BenSpence, sampled Drake and Daft Punk during his set.
Anya Wijeweera | Photo editor

Verdes took third place and at the start of his set he performed “I deserve 2b alone”. The guitarist, whom Verdes introduced as Dylan, ended the song with a guitar solo.

When the pop singer sang “Stuck in the Middle”, which is TikTok’s best known, he sounded a reminder of it. Verdes’ band jumped straight into the second rendition and cranked up the tempo, performing it even faster as if it were a punk song.

Along with his rhythmic songs, Verdes also took the time to slow things down with his songs “Solamente” and “reaL WOrLD”. The two sparked public participation as they put their flashlights and hands up in the air and swung them side to side.

To close the show, Verdes performed his hit song “AOK”, which immediately got audience approval in the form of screams. And before leaving the stage, Verdes thanked the audience for coming in as the song was in the middle of yet another guitar solo.

“From anywhere in the world you are with me right now, and I appreciate that,” Verdes said.

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