Fans worry about singer’s cryptic “Ubos na” tweets



A cryptic tweet from Maris Racal sent waves of speculation among her fans on social media. She has a lot of good things going for her: she just turned 24, her career is booming, she has a new hit song, she is happy in life, and of course, in love too. Which is why, when she tweeted her feelings to her 3.4 million followers, it was only natural for people to want to reach out.

Kathryn Bernardo sent comforting hugs alongside many other well-wishers, hoping Maris wasn’t going through a rough time. After all, with over a year and a half of a pandemic, who hasn’t experienced anything from time to time?

Along with the outpouring of positivity in the direction of Maris, there were a number of curious minds trying to figure out what she might be talking about. While we still want to see Maris well and thrive, we can’t help but speculate and offer our take on what she meant.

Do you have your happiness?
Getting tired about something might be a reason for the tears. Has something happened in the past few days that Maris is not yet ready to share with the general public? We hope she is doing well!

Ubos ang pasensiya (excited dahil meron siyang na makasama)
Spending time with that special someone does wonders for improving our mood and eliminating the stress and fatigue that can set in on a daily basis. Maybe it was just the way Maris was letting that special someone know she couldn’t wait to spend time together again.

We have so many theories, but what did Maris really mean? Well, let’s clear it up right away, because wait, there’s more!

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Throughout the pandemic we have all had our ubos moments, wishing we could do more or make the most of our daily lives. Even people like Maris Racal are not immune to feeling the same. While we’re all hooked on what Maris really meant, it looks like we’ll all have to wait and see where Maris Racal’s “ubos na” moments take us next.

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