Fans speculate after ‘Danny DeVito’ appears to walk into Welsh pub when Ryan Reynolds visits



There was a time when, if someone had suggested Hollywood idol Ryan Reynolds one day buy Wrexham FC, they would have laughed at the clubhouse bar.

However, now that the Deadpool star is not only officially a part-owner of the team – along with American sitcom actor Rob McElhenney – but has also been spotted at the racetrack, it looks like anything is possible.

Still, a three-second video clip, posted online last night, of little American film legend Danny DeVito who is also showing up in town seems to have been too much for some fans.

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Indeed, the brief sequence, in which the famous 4ft 8in actor can apparently be seen walking into The Turf pub to cheers from onlookers, quickly went viral.

And that left a lot of people wondering whether or not this was Twins and Batman Returns’ favorite, or just a lookalike.

“Danny DeVito has just arrived in Wrexham now! What an incredible story this week is turning out to be,” one tweeted, while another added: “It sounds more like Mrs. Doubtfire.”

“I have an aunt who looks more like Danny DeVito than that,” posted a third.

Of course, it’s perfectly plausible that the character in the clip could be DeVito – after all, the 76-year-old actually stars alongside McElhenney in the long-running American series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Additionally, there’s also a clip of Reynolds on Twitter being asked if DeVito was planning on visiting the area, to which the Canadian replies, “I hope he has flown this far.”

Nonetheless, it has since been revealed that the person in the clip is not DeVito at all, but simply a celebrity impersonator – the real deal having been confirmed by his agent to be currently filming a new movie in California.

It appears the doppelganger was only there to promote an upcoming wall docusery on the club’s recent fortunes called Welcome To Wrexham, which is set to air on the Disney + channel soon.

Meanwhile, Reynolds and McElhenney can finally see their first home game tomorrow when Wrexham takes on Torquay United at the racetrack.

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