Fans are stunned by singer Maxwell’s knee work after this recent performance

Maxwell may have added another title to his long resume!

The singer and his knees became a hit following his March 17 performance on “The Night Tour.” The reason is that fans recognized the strength of Maxwell’s joints as he danced on stage.

Maxwell’s recent performance on The Night Tour is going viral after the singer’s knee stability was compared to that of Megan Thee Stallion. (Photo: @maxwell/Instagram)

“The Night Tour,” which kicked off earlier this month, also characteristics acts by other R&B artists, including Joe and Anthony Hamilton. The particular moment that went viral happened during Maxwell’s performance in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In the clip shared by Twitter user @DiTarrieLaRons on March 18, Maxwell is seen twirling around in a squat as he sings his 2016 track “Lake by the Ocean.” As the video began circulating online, many expressed how amazed they were by Maxwell’s knees.

Meanwhile, others have even brought up rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

“Oh baby. You have 24 hours to show us who the real Stallion is, or @_MAXWELL_ will be known as Max Thee Stallion! @the Stallion.

“My favorite Maxwell song performed while he drops it like Megan Thee Stallion? He’s more talented than we all thought.

“Maxwell is 48 and I’m 28 and he has better knees than me…While watching this video, I heard my knees crack”

“Not Maxwell Thee Stallion (Laughing Emoji).”

“Maxwell kneels on 1000.”

Maxwell’s Viral Moment Comes Weeks After ‘Pretty Wings’ singer reflected on his early success with his 1996 debut album “Urban Hang Suite.”

On March 2, during a chat with Interview Magazine, Maxwell, who reminisced about his first interview with the publication, described how different he looks today at 48 compared to when he was in his early twenties. it took place for the first time. One of the differences he elaborated on was his musical inspirations. He claimed women were his driving force in the past, but since then he has become more “global”.

Maxwell noted, “My inspirations have become more global. I try to be someone who leaves a lasting impact. I don’t necessarily run after charts or awards. I made a covenant with God that I am here to serve. I am here to represent this moment, and to take full advantage of this time that you have given me. I still don’t know if I’m worthy.

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