Every heartwarming, hilarious and slightly hysterical moment in “An Audience with Adele”


Adele delivered another moment gonna voom

Turns out that feline Dolce & Gabbana moment, part of Adele’s sensational November 2021 Vogue cover, was a sign of things to come. The superstar, who credits her newfound love of exercise to helping her overcome her anxiety, chose a series of dresses worthy of Jessica Rabbit for her live performances as part of the promotional juggernaut around 30. Last night’s look, a sparkling black Louis Vuitton dress personalized by Nicolas Ghesquière, perfectly reflected her confident new style.

Global superstars are also getting nervous

A verse of a rendition of “Easy On Me”, the first release of her new album, Adele abruptly stopped and asked the group to start over from the top. “Shit myself,” she confessed to the crowd, drinking a cup of tea as she composed, a reminder of that cocktail of wild talent and self-deprecation that has always been her superpower.

She don’t need a song to cast a shadow

Singer Alan Carr’s longtime comedian, chat host and BFF was among the celebrities chosen from the audience to ask Adele a question. If the tables were turned and one of her exes wrote a song about her, he asked, what could it be called? “No One Like You,” she joked, before adding that the odds of a former partner recording a hit were slim, given that most of them struggled with “simple daily chores.” . Zing.

Emma Thompson was full aunt at a fashion wedding

We’re going to take a risk and say Emma Thompson loves Adele. The Oscar winner’s energetic dance on “Send My Love” and “Rolling in the Deep” almost rivaled actual vocals in entertainment stakes.

Adele reunited with her 8th grade English teacher

When asked who inspired her when she was younger, Adele recalled the childhood English teacher who encouraged her love of writing and was “so cool.” There wasn’t a dry eye at the Palladium (and especially not Adele’s) when Ms McDonald materialized from the audience to join her former student on stage – the first time they had seen each other in 20 years. “Can I have your number?” the singer asked in tears as her teacher returned to her seat.

Adele is nothing if she is not attached to a look

After this moving reunion, Adele had to take a break from the procedure for a makeup artist to deal with her leaking mascara. Still professional, the singer asked Carr to join her on stage and sing “Make You Feel My Love” to entertain her audience while she was briefly indisposed. The comedian’s voice didn’t quite match his friend’s, but the crowd came to his aid and joined in.

Oh, and there was new music

Besides the “Easy on Me” sweep, highlights included “I Drink Wine” – which Adele originally revealed to be a joke but stuck headline – and “Hold On”, a heart-wrenching ballad inspired by some of her lowest moments as she struggled to adjust to life as a single mom. Adele said the song reflected how she had grown up as a songwriter and that listening to the lyrics made her feel “really proud of me.” Among the old classics, “Someone Like You” has fascinated audiences, with Jodie Comer, Bryan Cranston, Stormzy and, of course, Dame Emma singing along.


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