Euphoria Finale: What’s Happening to Fezco?

This post contains spoilers for Euphoria.

He’s… going to be fine after all? In the penultimate episode of euphoria second season, viewers had one question in mind: what will happen to Fezco? Throughout the season, it had seemed Sam Levinson was setting the stage to prepare fans for the death of the beloved character (played by Angus cloud)—from his cover-up of Mouse’s death to his too-good-to-be-true relationship with Lexi (Maude Apatow). But Sunday night’s season finale swerved at the last minute, seemingly saving Fezco…and sacrificing Ashtray in the process.

The episode picks up where the last one left off, showing Fezco still at home, late for Lexi’s play because he senses Custer might be up to something. Just when he begins to understand, Ashtray (Javon “Wanna” Walton), who has spent the season becoming increasingly violent, stabs Custer in the neck and kills him. Fezco makes a quick decision: he will take responsibility for Custer’s death so his younger brother can stay free.

Ashtray, however, has other plans. He immediately begins loading weapons and barricades himself in the bathroom, locking Fezco in. When a SWAT team arrives at the house, Ashtray opens fire, determined to take out as many cops as possible. Fezco, who keeps begging and yelling at Ashtray and refusing to leave the room, is caught in the crossfire and takes a bullet to the stomach. All he can do is lie there and watch the SWAT team storm his younger brother and kill him.

“It was a sad day, because we were really close,” Cloud said of losing Walton as a teammate in a closer look that aired after the episode. The episode ends there with Fezco showing him in dire straits, but, thankfully, alive.

While it would have had temporary shock value, killing Fez would have been a narratively frustrating move in retrospect. In the first season, he quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his straightforward and soothing manner, a welcome juxtaposition to the wild energy of everyone at Euphoria High. The second season only deepened his fandom. The first episode opened with his backstory, explaining how he found himself in the morally dubious position of selling hard drugs to teenagers. (In short: he’s a family man!) Then he struck up a precious flirtation with nice girl Lexi, a delicious will-they/won’t-they who added some much-needed levity to an intense season. The finale leaned into that as well, showing flashbacks of late phone conversations Lexi and Fezco had, sharing their hopes and dreams. It felt, at first, like heavy foreshadowing – every time a TV character talks about their future, the lights go out, right? Alas, this was all just to distract viewers from the smell of Ashtray’s death.

So what will happen to Fezco next season? Considering he won’t die in the finale, it seems likely that we’ll have to see him recover from his serious injury, deal with the death of his brother, and deal with getting caught up in the legal system. While still somehow caring for his comatose grandmother – who will hopefully return and play a bigger role in season three. Just another easy and light day in the life of a Euphoria character.

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