England fans in Munich arrested after Nazi salutes and hotel room damage

English football fans in Munich have been arrested after Nazi salutes and damage to a hotel room ahead of the Nations League tie with Germany on Tuesday night, local police said. Eight England fans were arrested on Monday, mostly in Munich city center, despite insisting they were determined to repair their damaged reputations, particularly in light of the unsavory scenes at Wembley during the the Euro 2020 final.

Three of them were arrested for giving Nazi salutes while police say another fan caused damage estimated at 2,000 euros (£1,700) after setting off a flare in his bedroom. hotel. Four others were arrested after incidents including insulting police officers and urinating in the street.

Many troublemakers were dealt with by being ordered to pay a security deposit of around 200 euros (£170) – the local equivalent of an on-the-spot fine – while two who were unable to pay the money were brought before a district judge. Some bars in the city closed early on Monday after being overwhelmed by the number of customers as large groups of fans wearing replica English shirts and carrying flags sang in the hot German sun.

Other pubs did not open at all on Tuesday after reports of uncontrollable incidents among some supporters. Police were called to a ‘brawl’ on Monday which reportedly involved 30-50 England supporters, but said it had dispersed by the time armed officers arrived at the scene.

There are fears of further clashes later on Tuesday after some England fans bought tickets in the German section of the Allianz Arena. A Munich police spokesman told the PA news agency that police could only stop England fans from going home if they were expected to cause trouble.

He said 700 police had been deployed to deal with the influx of England fans into the city since Saturday, far more than would be needed for a Bayern Munich football game. It comes after an appeal from England manager Gareth Southgate for the fans to behave themselves.

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