Emmerdale fans solve mystery behind Chloe’s dangerous father


Emmerdale fans believe they’ve solved the mystery behind Chloe’s father and that it could mean a return to the soap opera for a particular character.

Fan favorite Kerry Wyatt returned to the much-loved ITV Yorkshire soap opera on Monday night.

The character played by Laura Norton caught Charity and Mackenzie breaking in and stealing items from character Chloe’s house.

Now fans believe they’ve found out who Chloe’s threatening father could be, Birmingham Live reports.

Chloe is the sister of Sarah Sugden’s heart donor and the couple recently got in touch to try and get to know each other, although Chloe’s parents are unwilling to have contact with Sarah.

In a shocking reappearance of the longtime soap earlier this week, Charity and Mack discovered Kerry was working at Chloe’s house as a housekeeper.

In Tuesday night’s episode, viewers got another glimpse into Chloe’s real life and showed Kerry receiving a text message from the dangerous father who is in jail.

Although Kerry asked Charity and Mack to return all the items they had stolen before leaving the house, it turns out that Mack had kept one of the watches.

Kerry can be seen receiving a text from Chloe’s father to tell him that one of the watches is missing.

She returns to the village to retrieve the watch and warns Mack and Charity not to disturb Chloe’s father because they “don’t know who they are dealing with”.

Fans have already made their suggestions as to who Chloe’s father could be, with many rumors that it could be Declan Macey played by Jason Merrells – who was last seen on the soap opera in 2014. .

Kerry Wyatt, played by Laura Norton, returns to Emmerdale this week

Aisha wrote: “Call him now – Chloe’s dad is Declan Macey”

Eileen replied, “Snap. My reflection too.”

Jennie posted on Twitter: “100% Kerrys phone said Declan on this #emmerdale text”

Grianne Doherty wrote: “Could Declan Macey be Al’s business partner? He definitely has a motive against Dingle’s, in particular Charity ”

Cat wrote: “#emmerdale my thoughts Charity ex-husband Declan Macey owns the house and I think he’s going to do business with AL to advertise a hotel. Just a thought. But l car crash and jail match. “

Ryan posted: “Kerry has to tell Charity who the grinning Chloe’s dad is. It’s either Declan or Pierce Rhona’s ex #Emmerdale”

In September of this year, the Mirror reported soap opera star Jason shared his frustration with “looking at a phone that doesn’t ring” and confessed to feeling like “shit” while waiting to land a new role.

He said, “I know there are worse jobs, I’ve done some, but I’m 50 and I keep playing“ ooh, choose me, choose me! ”4 or 5 times a day. an, (at least!) that’s crap. So unworthy “

Emmerdale airs weekday evenings at 7 p.m. on ITV, with an additional episode at 8 p.m. on Thursdays.

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