Digital audiences drive The Age’s growth

age is the country’s most read Victoria-based masthead, growing his audience to 6.1 million readers in the last 12 months.

Roy Morgan figures released on Monday’s show age was a go-to destination for news readers as Victoria dealt with rising coronavirus cases and other major events throughout the year, including the Australian Open.

The Age’s digital audience grew 27% year over year.Credit:Dominique Lorrimer

Digital readership grew 26.9% in the 12 months ending March 2022 to 5.3 million readers, helping age maintain its lead over rival News Corp sun herald. The figures, released by Roy Morgan on Monday, show it is the second largest publication in the country with 6.1 million readers, up 1.6% on an annual basis.

Total printing for age Monday to Friday was down 3.9% on an annual basis, a smaller drop than the 7% decline in printing for the Sun Herald. Saturday’s Age is the most read publication of the week, with 421,000 readers.

Masthead is more popular than The Australian (with an average readership of 5.1 million) and The Sun Herald, which has 4.7 million readers.

Ages sister post the Sydney Morning Herald is the biggest masthead in the country with 8.4 million readers. The Australian Financial Reviewwhich is owned by Nine Entertainment Co (owners of this masthead), grew 6.7% in the latest report to reach 3.5 million readers.

Roy Morgan data shows fastest growing newspaper is publication owned by Kerry Stokes western australiawhich grew its audience by 19.4% to 4.6 million people in the past 12 months.

This is the fourth set of figures to be released under new metrics provider Roy Morgan. The data covers all news brands and digital news websites and audiences on Apple News and Google News.

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