Did you know: Angela Bassett improvised this whole scene [Video]

Angela Bassett

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We don’t really need a reason to support Angela Bassett, but the internet has given us another excuse to give her all the praise. Some fans recently discovered that the actress gave a completely improvised performance in one of her most memorable roles.

Bassett portrayed the unforgettable Bernadine Harris in Waiting to expire, which debuted in 1995. Over 35 years later, fans are learning even more about the cult classic. Bassett wasn’t originally supposed to play the part of Bernadine, but in Angela Bassett’s fashion, she brought him out of the park. So much so that she completely improvised the memorable scene where she burns all of her ex-husband’s affairs.

Even though people have never seen the movie before, they recognize the character of Bassett walking away from a burning car like a boss. Now fans quickly realize that Bassett has always been as talented as she appears in some of her more recent roles like drama series. 9-1-1, horror series FX american horror story and cinema 2021 Milkshakes with powder.

The woman just has it! It’s a shame she didn’t get an Oscar for her portrayal of Bernadine in Waiting to expire, but we have no problem honoring Bassett with some well-deserved flowers today. Bassett is an actress, director and producer by training who has appeared in countless films and television series over her four-decade long career.

Watch the clip of Waiting to expire who has the internet giving Angela Bassett her much needed praise below. This is a reminder to Hollywood directors: allow skilled talent, like Bassett, to do their job.

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