Details Criminal Minds fans would change about the show


While the added LGBTQ + portrayal and changes to Spencer Reid’s storyline were the most popular changes viewers offered, there were a few other ideas that “Criminal Minds” fans pitched in the Reddit thread. u / scullbag_Molder, for example, said their change would give Emily Prentiss a child, either through adoption or her own pregnancy. Others agreed with this sentiment, with you / Asuna_Kikyo by writing that the character “would have been a super mother”.

u / ifyousekamy_bae Also supported the idea, writing, “One thing that has always pissed me off is the fact that Emily never had a child.” In their comment, the user referred to Emily’s relationship with Carrie, a teenage witness who aided the BAU in her family’s murder case in Season 3, and Nemesis’ son Declan. Emily Ian Doyle, whom she went to great lengths to save from her father. “She was ready to adopt Carrie and looked like she had been a great mom, which was proven by Declan’s flashbacks,” the Redditor wrote. “Honestly, I would have been okay with her taking over and raising Declan. Out of all the cast, and aside from Hotch and JJ, I thought Emily should have had a child.”

Beyond Emily and Spencer, a few commentators have said they want Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) to be written more consistently. u / AvianBEJKS wrote: “I would have given Garcia a more cohesive script. One minute she’s an only child, then she had brothers. She was in her forties, then she was as young as Reid. The canon for how and when she joined the team also contradicted herself. “

Overall, it seems safe to say that, as beloved as “Criminal Minds” is, its fans know exactly what they would change about the show if they could.

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