Data & Technology Startup is bringing audiences back to cinemas after fear of Covid.

Buffering, a Mumbai-based startup that uses data and broadcast techniques to amplify the reach of Bollywood films, bringing viewers back to theaters. Amit B Wadhwani & Darshani Khatri, start-up entrepreneur of Proptech, have partnered with films like Sooryawanshi, Antim, Tadap, T Series: Chandigarh kare Aashiqui. Buffering uses data mining and remarketing techniques to track viewer trends. Collected revenue from the first 3 versions buffering associated with 250 crore crossed with a major share coming from Rohit Shetty’s Sooryawanshi.

“We are using a mix of data, technology and our rich understanding of Indian viewers to help film producers and studios bring audiences back to theaters, we are building a B to C technology platform where viewers can even perform. transactions, ”said Amit B Wadhwani, founder of Buffering.

“With less than 50 pays per customer acquisition, we are becoming the single most effective and obvious choice for content creators. In 2021, we will complete 11 films and over 70 films in 2022, bringing our revenue to just over 150 crore. “

Actor Ahan Shetty, whose film Tadap was released on December 3, said: “It’s exciting that technology is being used to keep the industry together and bring in revenue for theaters, the buffering offer helped us reach a wider audience “.

Buffering is also backed by venture capitalist Arvog, hotelier Rahul Pandit and singer Sonu Nigam.

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