Danger trans! The winner reveals that she is “fine” after a theft

Amy Scnheider smiles wearing a pink sweater as a tribute to her favorite Jeopardy!  champion, champion Julia Collins.

Screenshot: Sony Pictures Television

Peril! Record holder Amy Schneider has revealed she is doing fine after a flight on Monday.

The 42-year-old Oakland, Calif., Resident said on Twitter that in addition to losing her phone, ID, wallet and sleep, she was fine. Schneider, who typically tweets a thread to accompany each episode of the quiz she appears in, said in a follow-up tweet that she likely wouldn’t be able to write one in time for Monday. Peril! game after the heist.

Schneider is the first trans woman to earn a spot in the Game Show Tournament of Champions, and is the highest paid contestant in game show history. Since the episode aired on January 4, Schneider has won 25 straight regular season games and a total of $ 918,000. She is the fourth highest paid competitor overall for regular season games and fifth for overall wins.

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Unfortunately, transphobes sometimes flock to Schneider’s Twitter feed to harass and berate her. In a clever response to some of them, Schneider tweeted, “I want to thank everyone who took the time during this busy holiday season to reach out to me and explain that in fact, I am a man. Each of you is the first person to bring up this very intelligent point, which had never crossed my mind before. “

I’ll take “Wicked Burns” for 500, Alex. Uh, Ken.

In an interview with ABC7 In early December, Schneider said participating in the game show meant a lot to her, not only as a longtime fan, but also because it allowed her to send “a positive message to the nerdy trans girl who also wants to be in. the show”.

Larissa Kelly, once the highest paid player in Peril! the story, congratulated Schneider for breaking his record on Twitter on December 24.

“Thank you very much, I am honored to be in your company and look forward to one day watching the woman who beats us both!” Schneider replied.

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