Comscore Partners with Experian, InfoSum and LiveRamp to Integrate First Party Data into its Cookie-Free Audience Targeting Capabilities


RESTON, Virginia, July 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – With ever-evolving privacy guidelines, marketers are getting ahead of the evolving digital identity landscape and seeking solutions that allow them to continue to reach the right audiences without disruption, while incorporating their own valuable customer information. That’s why Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, trading and media evaluation across all platforms, is excited to announce that it will begin incorporating first-party data into its main audience targeting solution without cookies, Predictive Audiences.

This industry-first capability, developed in collaboration with Experian, InfoSum and LiveRamp, is a big step forward for advertisers who rely on their 1st parties’ data, but must do so on a large scale in a confidentiality-centric manner.

Comscore’s predictive audiences are the standard for large-scale cookie-less audience targeting, allowing advertisers to reach audiences based on granular behavior in a contextual manner. Adding first-party data ensures that advertisers can continue to rely on their own first-party data while using Comscore’s industry-leading contextual methodologies. The result is a privacy-focused cross between audience data and evolving contextual signals that only Comscore can provide.

With existing predictive audiences, brands can continue to achieve granular audiences aligned with their campaign goals based on age and gender, TV audience, OTT consumption, and consumer behaviors such as data. purchasing, B2B audiences, gaming data, location data and other FCRA financial data – all in a cookie-free environment. Now, the behavioral audience possibilities are limitless, as customers can bring their own data to the table.

“As the future without cookies draws closer, it’s clear that advertisers need better mechanisms to leverage their first-party data in a privacy-centric and cookie-free manner,” said Rachel Gantz, General Manager, Activation Solutions, Comscore. “We are excited to be working with all of the leading matchmaking and cleanroom leaders to enhance our predictive audiences solution, which is the only ability in the market to deliver this first-party integration at scale to advertisers everywhere. geographic areas. “

“With more and more consumers relying on digital, resulting in hundreds of digital touchpoints, the biggest and most immediate hurdle advertisers face is identifying a cutting edge solution; match digital IDs and create a cohesive, omnichannel view of the customer. especially with the depreciation of third-party cookies looming in the background, “said Aimee Irwin, vice president of strategy for Experian Marketing Services. “Efficient identity resolution is the priority, and our goal is to develop an adaptable solution that ingests all new types of digital data, including smart TV. The association with Comscore enables advertisers to quickly improve their first party data and reach it at scale. “

“We are delighted to join forces with Comscore to provide our clients with sustainable, identity independent solutions. Through this partnership, brands, media owners and agencies will be empowered to collaborate at unprecedented speed, delivering better data-driven experiences that put consumer privacy first, ”said Lauren Wetzel, President from InfoSum North America. “With the uncertainty in the industry, InfoSum is excited to work with Comscore to provide privacy-driven data collaboration that enables businesses to seamlessly transition to a world of industry-leading data. part. “

“We are excited to partner with Comscore to solve one of the industry’s critical hurdles: How to incorporate first-party data into cookie-less audience targeting that provides scalability and meets privacy requirements,” said declared Jay prasad, Strategy Director, LiveRamp TV. “This latest improvement is a natural extension of the strategic partnership launched in 2020 by Comscore and LiveRamp to develop innovative and privacy-friendly services for the advertising ecosystem.”

Predictive Audiences are an integral part of Comscore’s cookie-free solutions within the Comscore Activation Suite, which helps advertisers reach specific demographics, as well as TV and OTT behavioral audiences in relevant and brand-safe contexts. on desktop, mobile and connected TV. By combining Comscore’s leading media consumption data assets with the industry’s second-largest contextual exploration engine and intelligent categorization technology, Comscore is able to translate large-scale audience segments into contextual signals for targeting. without cookie. This forms the heart of Comscore’s cookie-free solutions, with over 3 million opt-in panelists worldwide representing a source of truth for audience information.

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