Christchurch Police urge festival-goers to drink responsibly and stay safe

Police are advising spectators in Christchurch to drink responsibly at festivals in the coming weeks.

There are several concerts in Christchurch in the coming weeks, including Electric Avenue, Andy C and Netsky, which will be a fun day for those who attend as long as people drink in moderation.

Sergeant Dave Robertson said that at last Saturday’s LAB/Shapeshifter concert in Hagley Park a number of intoxicated people were refused entry or were kicked out of the venue.

“Our staff were also aware that a number of attendees were pre-loading and coming to the event with and drinking alcohol while there was an alcohol ban in place,” the official said. Sergeant Robertson.

“The police don’t want to stop people having fun and encourage you to have a good time in the safest way possible.”

Here are some tips from the police to keep you and your friends safe:

• Do not wait in line with alcohol in your possession or you risk a fine of $250 on top of your ticket price

• Pre-loading might seem like a cheap way to get ready for a night out, but you won’t walk into a bar or concert hall if you’re drunk

• Drink plenty of water and take kai before going to a concert

• Excessive alcohol consumption can impair your judgment and make you susceptible to causing or being the victim of a crime.

• Look out for each other and make sure you and your friends get home safe.

The main objective of the police is the well-being of everyone, so if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us – they are here to help.

People can also call 111 if they need immediate assistance.


Posted by Police Media Center

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