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RAIPUR: Chief Minister TS Singhdeo on Friday described the political situation in Chhattisgarh as an “opportunity and not a showdown within the party” and reiterated that the Congressional high command “reserved” its decision. The Chhattisgarh Congress has been engaged in a battle of nerves for several months over an alleged formula for changing the guard at mid-term.
CM Bhupesh Baghel and Singhdeo met separately with the party leadership, including Rahul Gandhi.
“Everyone met with the high command, which then reserved its decision. For now, it must be considered that no decision has been taken. Nobody knows about the decision, ”Singhdeo told reporters in Raipur on Friday.
The dozen congressional lawmakers – mostly first-time MPs – who had camped in Delhi for two days to lobby against any guard changes in the state are now returning to Raipur after failing to secure a management hearing party.
The MPs, who are believed to be Baghel loyalists, had landed in Delhi just as the Punjab crisis erupted and the high command was engaged in a desperate shootout. The race of Chhattisgarh congressmen to Delhi at such a critical time and the public declaration by lawmaker Brihaspat Singh against any change of guard were not welcomed by the high command, sources said.
The timing of MPs’ unscheduled visit to Delhi created the impression in some sections of Congress that it was designed to create a media buzz and increase pressure against any change of guard.

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