Call The Midwife Fans Cry Over Traumatic Cliffhanger

Fans of popular BBC One drama Call The Midwife have been left in shock and desperate for the next episode after the cliffhanger ended on Sunday February 13.

The beloved drama debuted in 2012, winning the show many fans, and on Sunday night many took to Twitter to express their feelings about the dramatic episode. This story contains spoilers below.

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During the episode, a train driver had an epileptic seizure, causing a devastating train accident that put many key characters in danger.

Injured and trapped in the crash, Dr. Patrick Turner leaves behind his wife, nurse Shelagh, their four children, and viewers don’t know if he will survive.

Many fans fear the worst for the series finale, which will air on Sunday, February 20, and have been unable to recover from the events of the penultimate episode.

One viewer said: ‘It’s been 28 minutes and I haven’t moved from my couch I’m in such shock #CallTheMidwife’

Another said: “I haven’t missed a single episode of #CallTheMidwife since it started 11 years ago, but I’ve never been so shaken by an episode as tonight. How am I to do while waiting for episode 8 ???”

A third fan said: ‘How am I going to function all week not knowing who survived or dies #CallTheMidwife’ followed by crying emojis.

And: “I’ve been watching @CallTheMidwife1 from the start. I thought I’d seen it all but god it was something else.”

Fans will have to wait until the series finale to learn the fate of the characters trapped in the crash.

The Call The Midwife series finale airs Sunday, February 20 on BBC One at 8 p.m.

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