Bretman Rock talks about content creation, audience development



MANILA – Beauty and sensation social media influencer Bretman Rock emphasized the importance of authenticity in content creation and cited the importance of being real in promoting connection with audiences during an online forum Tuesday.

On the occasion of the second day of the Philippines Internet and Mobile Marketing Association’s DigiCon POP (IMMAP) attended by mostly marketing and advertising professionals, Rock shared his thoughts on engagement with people. in line.

Rock said he liked that there were more real people in today’s commercials.

“I think you played 4 commercials, like, before that and see, like, the actors you used is so much more diverse. Before I left the Philippines the Filipino media was just using beautiful faces and nothing wrong with it. But now we have to use real people and I like those real people in these commercials, ”Rock said.

Rock said he believes showing his “real me” to his “best friends,” a term he uses to refer to his social media followers, is a key factor in his fame.

“I think that’s what the world is craving right now, which is why I think the world loves me because I’m a real person,” he said.

The Filipino content creator rose to stardom thanks to his makeup tutorials and humorous views on life. In his IMMAP appearance, Rock recounted how he started creating content with his sister when he was 8 years old.

After becoming successful online, he felt he had found his heart. “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life (create content online),” Rock said.

Now that creating content is his full-time career, Rock has encouraged people to “use the internet for their own benefit” and not to “undo” or hate people online.

Referring to World Mental Health Day last Sunday, October 10, at the forum, Rock recalled the importance of taking care of one’s mental health. He said spending time on social media wouldn’t help someone’s mental health issues.

“For anyone with mental health issues, social media won’t help that. Getting fame won’t fix your mental health. Sometimes I would say it’s really better not to post. not publish today. a lot of likes on a post. “

Rock also gave aspiring influencers a tip, warning them to have a false sense of entitlement.

“Just because you’re famous, things will be handed to you and sometimes it makes people want to have things, to start influencing for that reason so that they can get the benefits. It should never be really about. That. People can see your intentions. If you join because of the benefits, don’t, “he said.

Meanwhile, Rock, who is currently in Los Angeles, gave a teaser of what his “best” can expect from him in the future.

“I think Bretman Rock is fed up with being seen in a tiny phone. He’s fed up with being seen on your laptop. I think it’s time for me to find a ‘bigger screen’,” did he declare. He did not give details.



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