Boris Johnson news – live: Latest updates as Labor say Tories ‘step down’ amid crisis



The business secretary defends the government’s handling of the energy crisis

Labor has accused the government of shutting it down during a series of crises.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to be on vacation for a week in a luxury villa on the Costa del Sol.

His trip comes as millions of households will see the cost of living rise during the energy price crisis, the removal of the temporary increase in universal credit benefits, supply chain problems and more taxes. high from next year.

Shadow Chief Secretary Bridget Phillipson said: “In the midst of a crisis of its own accord, the government has terminated office.

“The Prime Minister has gone on vacation, no one knows where the Chancellor is, and this morning we understand that Business Sec has entered the realm of fantasy.”

His comments came after Kwasi Kwarteng, secretary of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), told Sky News that he was working closely with Chancellor Rishi Sunak to help companies survive the energy price crisis.

An anonymous Treasury source disputed this claim and said of Mr Kwarteng: “This is not the first time the secretary has made things up in interviews. To be crystal clear, the Treasury is not involved in any discussion. “

Commenting on the feud, Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves said: “If the Treasury isn’t in talks with BEIS to help our vital industries during this Conservative government’s energy crisis, then why the hell aren’t they?

“What is the chancellor really doing?” “


“Energy crisis could lead to more deaths in winter” – McDonnell

John McDonnell has warned that the energy crisis during the winter could contribute to more Covid-related deaths.

The former shadow chancellor said he feared – unless the government acts – that he “risks an increase in winter-related deaths alongside the worrying risks of high rates of Covid infections and the spread of winter flu “.

But he cast serious doubts on the capacities of ministers by calling Boris Johnson’s government “standing still”.

Lamiat SabinOctober 10, 2021 3:53 PM


£ 3million ‘wasted’ in never-used asylum camp, says Labor

Ministers made “reckless spending” after spending £ 3million on a “prison-like” asylum-seekers’ camp which was later abolished.

Figures obtained by Liberty Investigates show millions were paid to a construction company to install rented portacabins at the Yarl’s Wood moving center site in north Bedfordshire at the end of last year.

The plan was to house 187 people there for 13 weeks, but the accommodations were never used.

Shadow Immigration Minister Bambos Charalambous said: “This is a shocking example of the interior ministry’s incompetence and wastefulness.

“The government’s asylum system lacks compassion and competence. Their procrastination wasted millions of taxpayer dollars.

Lamiat SabinOctober 10, 2021 3:14 PM


Patel “must be frank” on the Channel crossing crisis – Labor

Priti Patel “needs to be frank” about her strategy to tackle the number of people migrating to the UK in small boats, shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said.

It comes after a French minister accused the UK of failing to pay any of the £ 54million pledged earlier this year to help prevent thousands of people from crossing the Channel on small boats.

Mr Thomas-Symonds told Sky News that the fact that more than 1,100 people visited the UK on Friday and Saturday shows that France’s withholding money “is clearly not working”.

More than 17,000 people entered the UK this way in 2021.

The Labor MP said: “The Home Secretary must be frank, because everyone who risks their life on this dangerous Channel sea crossing is one too many.”

He added: “I have always thought that the Home Secretary should take a different approach.

“Of course the coast patrols preventing people from going out on the water and risking their lives are extremely important – of course they are – which I fear the Home Secretary will miss, it is the fact that no one becomes a refugee in the north of France.

“We also need to tackle the smugglers and these vile criminal gangs further from the coast. “

Lamiat SabinOctober 10, 2021 2:30 PM


Iain Duncan Smith laughed at equating the pandemic with the Blitz

Tory MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith has been ridiculed online for writing that people should return to their workplaces, as he claimed during WWII.

The former secretary for work and pensions said wartime workers “kept coming to the office – even when Hitler’s bombs were raining.”

Speaking of “too many” officials these days, he said: run.

“When I think of all the brave public servants who went to work in the 1940s determined to do their part regardless of the bomb threat, I wonder what happened to us as a nation.”

People on Twitter have pointed out the differences between the pandemic and the Blitz.

Lamiat SabinOctober 10, 2021 1:45 PM


Pollster warns of overestimating Prime Minister’s strength by ignoring average scores

Focusing on successive poll leads rather than an average score “often distorts the truth” and risks overstating the strength of Boris Johnson’s position, suggested a senior research director at Opinium.

He added: “Australia has literally toppled a Prime Minister (arguably two) for falling behind in ‘X number of Newspolls’.”

Andy GregoryOctober 10, 2021 1:14 PM


Opinion: Conservative conference was a Tory Disneyland where Boris Johnson is Mickey Mouse

Thinking back to his first visit to the Conservative Party’s annual conference, Jordan tyldesley writes: “For those who haven’t, the lecture is like Tory Glastonbury.

“It’s a place where like-minded people can socialize and envision a country where a staunch right-wing deal is the norm. It’s kind of a compact Tory Disneyland and of course Boris Johnson takes on the role of Mickey Mouse.

“Within these limits, MPs and delegates are safe from the disapproval that rumbles a few steps away. The village hall is a political market where people go to buy ideology, ideas and intellectualism, but also cheese toast and conservative memorabilia.

“The ‘Boris, Boris, Boris’ embellished t-shirts are sold, but with the exception of a serious fan walking around the venue, they don’t seem to be popular.”

Andy GregoryOctober 10, 2021 1:06 PM


Labor attacks ‘out of power’ government amid apparent internal conflict

A dispute appears to have arisen between the Treasury and the Department of Economics, Energy and Industrial Strategy [BEIS], after the business secretary told Sky News he was working closely with Chancellor Rishi Sunak to help businesses weather the energy crisis.

An anonymous Treasury source not only disputed this claim to Sky News, but also launched a personal attack on Kwasi Kwarteng, saying: “This is not the first time the BEIS secretary has made up things in interviews. To be crystal clear, the Treasury is not involved in any discussion. “

The feud sparked a scathing reaction from senior Labor politicians, who accused the government of “resigning”.

Andy GregoryOctober 10, 2021 12:48 PM


“Reasonable” for PM to be on vacation, says business secretary

The business secretary has defended Boris Johnson for taking a holiday to the Costa del Sol as the government struggles to stem the damage caused by the supply chain crisis on multiple fronts.

“I think he’s gone. I don’t know where he went, ”said Kwasi Kwarteng Radio schedules.

“But what I would say is that I am in regular contact with him. He also had a year and a half in which he almost lost his life to Covid, his mother passed away very sadly two or three weeks ago and he may have decided to take a short break. I think this is something reasonable.

“I am in regular contact with him on WhatsApp, I spoke to him only a few days ago. I don’t know when he is supposed to have left the country.

Andy GregoryOctober 10, 2021 12:28 PM


Downing Street Police deprive PM Pizza for security reasons

Much to the chagrin of Boris Johnson and his hunger, his fast food deliveries are often refused by police at the gates of Downing Street – according to a report.

Sunday Times reported that the pizza delivery “nightmare” occurs even when agents are told to pass deliveries.

The source said: “It doesn’t matter how many times [Mr Johnson] says, “Please, please, please, can you pass this pizza”, they say “No”.

Lamiat SabinOctober 10, 2021 12:10 PM


Boris and his “obviously out of control” government – a conservative peer

While a poll shows a majority of Tory members are happy with the state of their party, a peer described Prime Minister Boris Johnson as “moving from crisis to crisis”.

Michael Heseltine, who is a former Deputy Prime Minister who served under Margaret Thatcher and John Major, said the current government is “clearly not in control”.

He told Sky News that Mr Johnson’s promises to “upgrade” the country and “take back control” after Brexit ringed hollow.

Lord Heseltine said: “Can you show me an area where you think this government has in fact achieved a greater degree of control?

“It goes from crisis to crisis and it is clearly out of control.”

Lamiat SabinOctober 10, 2021 11:50 AM


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