Biggest Bombs From Tyler Cameron’s Book


In a truly iconic moment for the franchise, Hannah asked Tyler out during their After the final rose reunion after her messy breakup with the winner Jed wyatt, who appeared on the show with, say, complicated romantic entanglements.

“Of course, I was glad to hear from her, and I was happy to see her again, but I also made it clear that I had to take time for myself to figure out what was right for me”, said explained Tyler.

But when photos of the couple surfaced days later, the internet panicked, something Tyler admitted he hadn’t expected.

“Hannah and I had planned to see each other, but I didn’t fully understand how important the reaction would be,” he shared. “We saw each other in LA, where yes, I slept at Hannah’s place, but we didn’t sleep together. We weren’t a couple at the time, and we definitely weren’t boyfriends. and girlfriend. “

But when Tyler was pictured with another girl in New York City just two days later, he realized what he had made Hannah look like, even though they were talking that day about deserving to see other people.

“But I always put Hannah in a difficult, difficult position,” he repeated. “But that’s something I feel very, very sorry for. If I could go back and do it all again, I would handle it differently. My communication should have been better.”

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