Big Picture’s First Impression: Strictly For Ranveer Singh Fans



Quizzes aren’t a new concept on TV, however, Colors has now pushed the boundaries with a game show based on the The Big Picture visual. Hosted by Bollywood Superstar Ranveer Singh, this new trivia game tests the knowledge and visual memory of candidates and gives them a chance to win Rs 5 crore. With its chic decor and a whole new format, The Big Picture is entertaining, but it also looks like it was designed to cater strictly to Ranveer fans.

Launched on Saturday, the episode began with a sensational performance from the Gully Boy star on an original rap created for the show. Post it, the actor went on to explain how pictures have become an important part of our lives. “Mom video call pe daant lagati hai, snapchat girlfriend pe kindness dikhati hai,” the host shared, adding that the world has changed thanks to the photos. Walking on the same line, he mentioned that this innovative game show is all about “tasveer se taqdeer tak,” a chance to change your fortune through pictures.

Karishma Toor from Sonipat, a police officer, became the first competitor to play the game and ended up earning Rs 20 lakh. After leaving the game after losing all of his lifelines, Gorakhpur’s Abhay Singh took the stage. A fan of Ranveer Singh, the contestant completely channeled his idol’s popular character, Ram, even sporting a similar mustache. Abhay was left moved when the host matched the steps with him on “Tattad tattad” upon entering.

The nearly two-hour episode looked quite entertaining as a viewer given the new format, but you have to be completely careful because the questions are based on pictures. Plus, I felt it lacked the electrifying tension that is an element of most quizzes. But for relief, the show gives contestants enough time (one minute) to guess the correct answer. The lifeline, however, has a catch: the player will have to pay 25 percent of his prize money to the “Indiawale”, if he asks for his help.

Coming to the host, while Ranveer flaunts his energetic side and even acts cute, he also seems too involved at times. Whether it was welcoming his former fans to the studio, saying he was handsome or even discussing his “mooch”, the actor was full of himself. It’s heartwarming, however, to see him gift a pair of sneakers to Karishma, who is training hard or even wiping off her sweat, looking nervous in her first TV adventure. Her fans would also be “awww-struck” to hear her talk about her “dharampatni” Deepika Padukone. He also revealed that seeing his wife’s childhood photos made him want to have a baby girl. “I keep telling him bas aisi ek de do, life set ho jayegi,” he shared, then even borrowed the name ‘Shauryaveer’ from Abhay, as a potential name for her future child.

The mindset of the competitors added a bit of bitterness to the TV experience. The first mentioned the dowry and how she wanted her father to start working to raise money for her marriage. Abhay, on the other hand, explained how the girls are materialistic and force their partners to spend money on them. It was terrible to see Ranveer agree with him and even share a laugh.

Verdict: The show can be fun for quizzes and absolutely a delight for Ranveer Singh fans. Others may jump.


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