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It’s official: “Millennium TV series revisited with the original cast” is the podcast genre of the day. We’ve had The OC, Scrubs and Sex and the City – now it’s time for Zooey Deschanel, Hannah Simone and Lamorne Morris to reminisce about every minute detail that went into making Emmy-nominated New Girl. With seven seasons to revisit, this one is for Deschanel fans looking for a weekly nostalgia hit to tune into. Hollie Richardson

Party is party with Big Zuu
This food-based podcast from bubbly, grime chef MC Big Zuu is as upbeat and fun as you’d expect. Celebrity-filled guest interviews see Craig David talk about his habit of eating two Boost bars on bus trips as a child and Jermaine Jenas explain his search for places to eat great Caribbean food. Alexis Duggins

Women’s Pilot Club
The team behind this podcast challenges the male dominance of TV comedy writing with a night that features readings of uncommissioned pilot scripts written by women. Here, they bring you the hilarious highlights from those shows, with the likes of Robert Webb and Tracy-Ann Oberman reading works by talents whose credits include writing for Succession. AD

Seventeen: Conversations With My Teenage Self
Laura Leigh Abby turned 17 in the heteronormative world of 2002, with its acceptable cruelty and AOL messenger chats, so opening her diary brings up a whole host of feelings. With year 2000 nostalgia all around, she doesn’t always look back fondly when confronted with the darker side of her teenage experiences. Hannah Verdier

Normal gossip
The pandemic phone conversations made Kelsey McKinney miss the gossip. Not the celebrity type, but those little bits you share about your co-worker’s sister. So she launched a podcast celebrating harmless gossip with guests sharing tangled stories about neighbors and the backstory of pandemic boyfriends. excluding tax

Sarah Koenig tries to uncover the truth about a North Carolina doctor in Dr Gilmer and Mr Hyde. Photography: Sandy Honig

Chosen by Madeleine Finlay

Recently, I returned to This American Life, having not listened in good years. It was kind of like going back to the town you grew up in, because even now a lot of how podcasts are told and constructed – from music to “I’m just gonna turn on my recorder, will that goes ?” b-roll tape – from This American Life. Fortunately, the episode I clicked on, Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde, would certainly be described as a This American Life classic.

Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde tell the story of two doctors; Dr. Vince Gilmer, who worked in a rural North Carolina clinic before killing his own father and going to prison, and Dr. Benjamin Gilmer, who later joined the clinic only to find he shares his name with the old doctor. As Benjamin learns more about his predecessor’s kindness and generosity, he finds it increasingly difficult to understand. How could this man commit murder? Joined by journalist Sarah Koenig, they try to investigate who Vince really was and what really happened. The result is a fascinating and surprising journey through a small town, medical diagnoses through the justice system, and how one man’s life can drastically change another’s.

The episode is actually a repeat, first airing in 2013. It’s pre-series Sarah Koenig, though it will sound very familiar to any Serial fans. But, there’s a good reason to listen now – nearly a decade later, there’s been an update on Vince’s case (I’m not going to spoil it for you).

Talking points

  • Read nothing about Cate Blanchett’s recent role as a cheery TV presenter in the climate crisis satire Don’t Look Up. She is set to launch a podcast dedicated to her love of the environment. Climate of Change sees its team with eco-entrepreneur and activist Danny Kennedy and will launch on Audible in April.

  • Why not try: Charts | DeepMind

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