Bend drivers stuck in traffic receive an impromptu metal concert

A road construction project turns into an impromptu rock concert.

Central Oregon Daily News went to investigate a project we had never heard of before, called “Exploratory Caving”.

We found out what the project entailed and discovered a musician playing heavy metal for people stuck in traffic.

When traffic started to slow at the intersection of Brookswood Boulevard and Rock Bluff Way, musician Levy Brooks saw an opportunity to perform in front of an audience.

He pulled out a power cord from his back door, plugged in his amp and 7-string electric guitar, and started playing.

“I just play metal music. Random riffs. There is no plan. No set list. I know riffs. I’m going to play them,” Brooks said.

Many people sitting in their cars waved at Brooks.

“People seem to like it. I’m just that guy. I am nice.

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Exploratory caving

The project that stopped traffic and gave Brooks his audience is exploratory caving.

A private landowner planning to build condominiums on nearby vacant land needed to prove the location of underground utilities where they pass under Brookswood Boulevard.

The contractor dug two holes to confirm the location and depth of the private and public water lines and then filled the holes.

The resulting one-lane closures with 10-minute delays provided a captive audience happy to be entertained.

“I was sitting here in road construction. I said to my husband: look at this guy. He’s trying to make everyone happy,” Heidi DiMello said. “I love him. He is so awesome. He rocks.”

Brooks’ band, the Pterasonics, recently lost its bassist, so he plays solo gigs downtown, often at the Bunk ‘n’ Brew, to keep practicing.

It was his first roadside gig.

The exploratory caving project was completed by mid-afternoon, allowing traffic to move at normal speeds.


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