BBC The Responder: Many fans left feeling let down by ‘weak’ ending as door left open for second series

The latest BBC crime drama The Responder is finally over and if you don’t want any spoilers then look away now.

The five-part, high-octane thriller had many of us on the edge of our seats, and not just because of Martin Freeman’s superb scouse accent – which surprised many viewers.

Written by former Merseyside police officer Tony Schumacher, the series followed night police officer Chris Carson, a man who is clearly trying to keep his head above water, after years on the force. left them struggling with their sanity.

Chris unexpectedly gets involved in helping Casey (Emily Fairn), a young heroin addict, who has stolen a bag of drugs from a group of people you really don’t want to bother with.

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Soon, Chris’ plan to help Casey spirals out of control and he finds himself wrapped in the web of lies, creating more chaos and leaving him to not only try to save his marriage and fight his demons, but find a way out of the deep waters. that he is now. found himself professionally too.

Chris played by Martin Freeman

It’s been compared to new ITV drama starring Vicky McClure Trigger Point and BBC crime drama Line of Duty which holds officers accountable under the law – but The Responder’s high stakes brought a new edge and fresh take on crime dramas, as police officer Chris operates mostly in a gray area.

But watching the last episode, I was constantly expecting a big twist, which never seemed to happen.

The fifth episode provided plenty of suspense, in terms of, will Chris ever get caught? Will his rookie partner Rachel (Adelayo Adedayo) hand it over? Will his wife, Rachel, take him back or will he live in the car forever? But it all seemed to end a little too well and left this disappointing feeling of what could have been.

Chris played by Martin Freeman with his work partner Rachel played by Adelayo Adedayo
Chris played by Martin Freeman with his work partner Rachel played by Adelayo Adedayo

Are we so used to the twists and turns of shows like LOD, that an ending where every ending ties together (or so it seems on the surface) leaves us feeling a little underwhelmed?

Despite the reservations, the ending certainly aligned the series well for a second run, leaving many viewers wondering, will new recruit Rachel decide to keep her secret? Will DI Deborah Barnes (Amaka Okafor) continue to put pressure on Rachel, Chris’s wife? Has Ray Mullen (played by Warren Brown) really decided to let go of his grudge? Will Greg Gallagher be unhappy with the agreement between his sister Dr. Diane Gallaghe (Christine Tremarco) and Chris?

There are so many unanswered questions and he can’t get away with everything he’s done on this show… or can he? Will we therefore be entitled to a second installment? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Chris (Martin Freeman) and Dr. Diane Gallagher (Christine Tremarco)
Chris (Martin Freeman) and Dr. Diane Gallagher (Christine Tremarco)

It seems some fans also thought the final episode didn’t quite wow the band they thought.

Taking to Twitter, Gem tweeted, “Just finished #TheResponder – Truly Entertaining and Captivating Drama and enjoyed Adelayo Adedayo’s performance as Rachel. Not quite sure end, but there might be an S2. Anyway, great TV”

“I finished #TheResponder last night. Impressed with the acting and also with the story, I thought the ending was a bit cutesy. But maybe doors open for season 2 ?” Adam Foster added.

“A superb and engrossing drama let down by a weak and incomprehensible final episode #TheResponder Too bad,” posted Ian Craig.

Daniel Harper added: “#TheResponder is good. Bit of a fucking ending though #TheResponder”

But many fans who had watched the full series on BBC iPlayer before the finale aired on Wednesday February 2 are now clamoring for a second series of the gritty drama.

Crowby tweeted: “Just finished #TheResponder finale, brilliant from start to finish! Slight SPOILER: (written backwards! nosaes dnoces a rof nepo tfeL”

Rob Fox tweeted to series writer Tony Schumacher on Twitter: “Watched everything on iplayer, brilliant script and amazing cast. Marko and Casey were brilliantly acted but Martin Freeman and Adelayo Adedayo deserve all the awards. But they don’t couldn’t have done it without your fantastic script.”

Sarah White also tweeted: “Best thing we’ve watched in a long time. Don’t wait another 2 years to write series 2 – crack!! #TheResponder”

Auriole Wells posted: “Finally caught up with The Responder. Martin Freeman will get the BAFTA then, brilliant portrayal of a man on the edge. Love seeing the city. Such a tough but absolutely outstanding watch! #The answering machine”

You can follow the full series of The Responder on BBC iPlayer.

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