Bayonetta 3 fans theorize alternate timelines are involved



With the reveal of Bayonetta 3, fans are connecting parts of the trailer that suggest this game will involve a different timeline.

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Three years after the game was announced, Bayonet 3 fans have finally received news on the upcoming action title. The first gameplay of Bayonet 3 was revealed in a recent Nintendo Direct, which immediately received a positive response from fans. PlatinumGames showed some of the incredible work put into the game, with the same awe-inspiring, flashy gameplay that fans have come to expect. One aspect of the game that got players scratching their heads was the direction of the story, as plot details remained ambiguous. However, fans have already started to work out the theory that this game will involve alternate timelines based on what has been shown.

The last two Bayonetta games are no stranger to messing around with time travel, the concept being a central point of the plot. Both games saw previous versions of the distribution meet some of their current counterparts. This fan theory is also based on an important plot point related to the time travel of the first game. The following will contain major spoilers for Bayonet 1.

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In the first game, Bayonetta meets a young girl in big pigtails named Cereza. She is a character that Bayonetta keeps an eye on throughout the game, who also believes she is her mother. During the climax, it’s revealed that Cereza is actually a time-shifted version of Bayonetta from the past, who was summoned to the present by the game’s antagonist, Balder, with Bayonetta’s real name also being Cereza. Young Cereza was finally brought back to her original timeline towards the end of the game. Now, considering Bayonetta’s appearance in Bayonet 3 Also sharing some of the same design cues as when she was a kid, theory suggests that the character we see in the game is the alternate timeline that Cereza grew up on.

This theory is supported by a few factors. Since the young Cereza was protected by Bayonetta, she would grow up and end up idolizing and imitating certain things that her “mum” did. This can be seen with some of the new moves Bayonetta can make in 3, as well as his different technique of summoning demons with his hair. The other factor concerns recent news that the Bayonetta actor will not be reprising his role in Bayonet 3. Some fans noticed that Bayonetta’s voice was different than usual, giving credence to the theory.

The final factor concerns the mysterious character teased at the end of the trailer. Some immediate theories were that it could be Bayonetta’s rival, Jeanne, given their history and the fact that Jeanne used a sword in previous games. Others have speculated that it could be another version of Bayonetta, given that the handle has the same cat doll Cereza wore as a child. This is however only speculation for the moment until more information for Bayonet 3 comes out.

Bayonet 3 will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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