Bayley’s career told in photos, through the years

Bayley pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler helped her reach the top of the wrestling world after many chapters. WWE signed Bayley and saw her improve dramatically from her early days to her current role as a big star. Bayley has witnessed many ups and downs that have helped her keep improving until she finds her perfect role.

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The independent circuit debut, the incredible run in NXT, and the various main roster twists and turns each had significance overall. Bayley’s time recovering from injury these days will likely see her add more memorable moments when she returns in 2022. However, Bayley’s career is already a success, as shown in the images that depict each chapter. .

ten Chase the dream

Bayley before WWE

Hopes of becoming a wrestler saw Bayley training at a young age and wrestling all over the independent circuit. Bayley based on the West Coast in California and was looking to find his way to join WWE.

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Various small businesses booked her to gain experience, but the all-female company SHIMMER was the best place to come and call her. Bayley impressed enough to secure a WWE development contract offer as a desired outcome.

9 This is bayley

Bayley NXT

The WWE Development System saw Bayley use the Performance Center to find his ideal character. Bayley was the gadget she came up with as a super fan who was happy to be there and sticking out whenever she interacted with other big names.

The segments with AJ Lee helped Bayley stand out when selecting the main roster star. It was a gamble to bring this character to NXT TV, but Bayley erupted in taking a leap of faith for him to connect with audiences.


8 classic with sasha

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks NXT

The classic match at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn against Sasha Banks took Bayley’s career to the next level and played a huge role in the growth of women’s wrestling. WWE gave NXT its first chance to run a major site during the Barclays Center sale.

Bayley and Banks took their feud to the massive event and stole the show with a special performance. Bayley’s victory at the NXT Women’s Championship was emotional due to the exceptional storytelling, the classic match and the feel-good moment. Many fans consider this to be the greatest women’s match in WWE history.

seven Face of NXT

Bayley NXT Women's Champion

WWE finally called Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch on the main list to start the women’s revolution. Bayley was the only member of the Four Horsemen to stay back to continue her NXT Women’s Championship reign.

Bayley’s success has seen her become the face of the brand and too big to leave. Bayley stayed on for a bit longer after Finn Balor was pulled out to help with the tour. The reign of the NXT Women’s Championship was exceptional before Bayley dropped it to Asuka and ultimately made it to the main roster.

6 Instant Master List Success

Bayley Raw Women's Champion

Many wrestlers wait awhile on the main roster to be pushed, but Bayley instantly played a major role in the Raw brand. WWE was still relatively early in the brand’s division when Bayley was called in to add depth to the divided women’s division.

Bayley won the Raw Women’s Championship a few months after the start of her call-up, beating Charlotte Flair with the help of Sasha Banks. WWE made Bayley win the title, end Charlotte’s undefeated PPV streak, and even defend the title on the biggest stage in WrestleMania 33.

5 falling off

Alexa Bliss attacks Bayley

The first quarrel after WrestleMania 33 This is where things started to fall apart for Bayley. Alexa Bliss destroyed Bayley in the one-sided feud to win the Raw Women’s Championship after making that year’s draft.

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Bayley was basically buried with gruesome segments and an embarrassing loss in a Kendo Stick on a Pole match. WWE would move Bayley a little lower on the map and keep her out of the lead roles for a few years.

4 First female team champions

Bayley Sasha Banks Women's Team Champions

One of the few great moments for Bayley between losing the Raw Women’s Championship and winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship came in the form of a tag team. WWE presented the Women’s Tag Team Championship at Disposal chamber 2019.

Bayley and Sasha Banks had a long history of questioning their friendship before they finally got on the same page. The right call has been made for Sasha and Bayley to become the first women’s team champions in a big time.

3 Get another chance at the top

Bayley money in the bank

The end of the tag title reign for Bayley and Sasha Banks was premature, but it ended up working for Bayley. WWE decided to give her another shot at a major singles role by winning the Money in the Bank women’s ladder match in 2019.

Bayley not only won the ladder match that night, but cashed it hours later to defeat Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The move to the SmackDown mark in the draft immediately paid off for Bayley to have another title reign.

2 Heel circumference

Bayley turns on his heel

Bayley’s facial character was so good in NXT that no one could even consider his heel spinning. However, the main roster hiccups and Sasha Banks’ return as a heel ultimately led to the impossible.

WWE pulled the trigger to spin Bayley’s heel by having him help Banks during an attack on Becky Lynch. Bayley violently injuring Lynch with a steel chair shocked the wrestling world and slowly changed his character to heel for the first time in WWE.

1 Best Female SmackDown Champion of All Time

Bayley Smackdown Women's Champion

Bayley made a few major changes on the heel, like getting a haircut and ditching the old fan favorite entry. The commitment to the new character helped her find new success after claiming the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair.

A new record was set with Bayley holding the title for over a year at 380 days. Bayley became the company’s best heel wrestler and even turned on her best friend Sasha Banks. The current injury time away from the ring has delighted fans to see this version of Bayley return at some point in 2022.

Every title defense in Bayley’s year as the Smackdown Women’s Champion, ranked

Bayley reigned as the Women’s Smackdown Champion for over a year. In that first year, she made some pretty remarkable title defenses.

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