‘Ballin’ bigger than LeBron James they said ‘: when Rihanna exposed Stephen Curry on Instagram after the 2016 NBA Finals



Rihanna is perhaps LeBron James’ greatest fangirl, and her dominating performance in 2016 produced a classic little moment from her. At the cost of a certain Stephen Curry.

The Cavs-Warriors rivalry was the one that defined the NBA basketball scene of the mid-2010s. Golden State had built a local powerhouse based on the principles of offensive movement that enabled its best shooters of all times to move like shooting machines.

The Cavs, meanwhile, used what Kobe Bryant called a “two-kings” system. And any offense led by LeBron James is bound to be elite. Having a reliable scoring partner in Kyrie Irving has opened things up for him like never before.

The consequences were such that they met four times in a row in the final. Truth be told, it was really like LeBron James against the world for the most part.

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While this was not the case in 2016 – Kyrie produced superb all-time performances to fuel their comeback – it was undoubtedly the crowning glory of James’ career.

2016 marks the only time a player has led both teams in all 5 stat categories for a series of finals. Their comeback from 3-1 down is a story to be told over and over again.

Rihanna fanged for LeBron James, Stephen Curry denounced on Instagram after the 2016 NBA Finals

Rihanna posted a screenshot of Curry, in which the reigning double NBA MVP didn’t look too happy. His caption read: “‘Ballin bigger than LeBron’ they said,” referring to a line from his 2015 hit, “B—- Better Have My Money“.

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She also shared another photo with 23 scribbled on her stomach with whipped cream – a clear tribute to LeBron.

With another LeBron James-led super-team in Los Angeles, there’s a good chance he’ll make one final bow in the final anytime soon. Expect Rihanna, Jay-Z, Obama, and a host of other LeBron fans to show up for these games.


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