Australian singer reunites with B.C. girl who wrote fan mail after her pup chewed on a letter

A seven-year-old Chilliwack girl who sent fan mail to a popular children’s entertainer in Australia who was later chewed up by the singer’s puppy has been found.

Erika Hopfner has been a fan of Emma Watkins, singer and former member of children’s music group The Wiggles, for years.

Erika sent Watkins a lovely letter saying she saw her in Abbotsford at the Wiggles concert when she was four and missed being in The Wiggles, her mother Shannon Hopfner said.

She drew a heart on the letter, colored the envelope and posted it shortly before her seventh birthday in February.

But when the letter arrived in Australia, Watkins’ pup thought it was a snack.

Watkins posted a photo on Facebook of the chewed up envelope with a hand-colored orange border on July 29.

“My pup Patch was a little too excited to help me answer some of the lovely mails I’ve received. I’m so, so sorry to whoever sent me this art from Canada,” Watkins wrote.

With the corners chewed out, all that was visible was part of the address – Henry Street in Chilliwack and the postcode.

A well-known Australian children’s singer is hoping to get in touch with a Chilliwack fan who sent her an artwork. The envelope with the return address was damaged by her dog Patch. (Emma Watkins/Facebook)

Less than an hour from Chilliwack’s Progress posting the story online and many people sharing it, Shannon Hopfner said it was her daughter Erika who wrote the letter.

“Oh my! This is my daughter’s letter that she posted several months ago. She thought it was lost on the plane and is thrilled to see it get to Emma,” Hopfner wrote.

Hopfner connected with Watkins and the singer let her fans know the next day.

“Today we found the owner of this caring letter, little Erika from Vancouver! Thank you to the Chilliwack BC community for stepping up to find the owner of this letter sent from Vancouver to Sydney.

Hopfner said Watkins would send a letter to Erika.

“That was so sweet of Emma Watkins. Great to see the community come together, thank you all for sharing.

Erika still enjoys watching Emma’s Instagram and YouTube videos, her mother added.

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