Audience retargeting for furniture manufacturers

With the overwhelming amount of information each of us is exposed to on a daily basis, furniture manufacturers are struggling to capture the attention of their target audience of retailers. Experts now estimate that it takes eight touchpoints to win a customer lead (1), a number that has grown steadily over the years. Trying to capture your audience when they visit your site, or our site, sometimes just isn’t enough. Audience retargeting is one way to increase your chances of reaching furniture retailer decision makers with your marketing campaign.

What is audience retargeting?

Retargeting is tracking a website visitor across the internet with your campaign ads.

Here is a simple representation:

  • A furniture retailer visits the FurnitureToday website and clicks on your banner ad
  • This potential customer visits your site but does not fill out your contact form
  • As the potential customer browses their favorite sites on the web, FurnitureToday brings up your ads in a polite yet consistent way to remind you to come back to your website.

We know this user is highly skilled because he was reading articles on the FurnitureToday website. We know this user was interested in the information on your site because they clicked on your ad on and went to your website. We don’t know why they left or decided not to contact you. It could be that a phone call interrupted their search, or maybe they just weren’t ready to pull the trigger. We can’t be completely sure, but what we do know is that the retailer decision maker is someone you want to stay in touch with with your ad campaign.

Benefits of audience retargeting

Visitors to Furniture Today are decision makers looking for the latest industry information on news, events and more. By reinforcing a message to this highly qualified audience:

  • You can track down and reconnect with an elite audience that you know is relevant and valuable to your business because they were on FurnitureToday and on your website. These audience members can be new customers or existing customers that you can sell to more in the future.
  • Conversion rates for retargeting campaigns are 70% higher than for regular banner ad campaigns. That means you’ll get more ROI from your ad spend! Past site visitors are clearly a good set of business prospects for you to focus some of your advertising spend on.

This data proves that sometimes we can’t capture people on the first try, and we have to stay ahead of them.

Importance of first-party data and first-party cookies

Due to privacy concerns and cookie regulations, Apple Safari and Firefox have blocked third-party cookies (55% of mobile and tablet browser usage globally). Google has announced that it will end support for third-party tracking cookies in the popular Chrome web browser from 2023 (40% of mobile and tablet usage worldwide)(4). Apple’s Safari browser and Firefox browser, which are used by 1 in 5 Americans and all Apple/iPad/iPhone users, already block third-party cookies. b2b marketing.

What is Proprietary Data?

First-party data refers to information collected directly from a brand or publisher’s website. This means that there is a direct relationship between the site owner and the site visitor – and the site visitor has chosen to provide the first party data.

At FurnitureToday, our first-party data is the information we have collected from our readers, which gives us key insights. First-party data helped us understand that our audience includes 100% of the top 100 retailers and over 70% of all furniture retailers and allowed us to successfully advertise on behalf of furniture manufacturers during many years. As the cookie-free future dawns, this insight and in-depth customer knowledge will be key to effective B2B furniture marketing.

Retargeting ads with FurnitureToday

At FurnitureToday, we strongly believe in audience retargeting. We have access to a plethora of first-party data through our trusted relationships with furniture retail decision makers. Our audience connects with us in many ways: in print, on the web, at events, in the social environment and via email, so we have several ways to reach your target audience.

Get in touch

At FurnitureToday, our mission is to help companies do more business and grow the industry. If you want more ideas and information on how to make audience retargeting work for your business, contact one of our furniture marketing experts by filling out the form below.

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