‘And just like that’: How Samantha Jones was deleted from ‘Sex And The City’ reboot revealed


Sources close to the production revealed Daily mail that Samantha’s absence will be due to a disagreement with Carrie, drawing inspiration from the actual feud between Cattrall and SJP.

As for how they plan to explain Samantha’s absence from the screen, well, it’ll be because of a falling out with her best friend, Carrie.

“We’re getting into her absence very quickly,” the insider said, adding, “Viewers will learn that Samantha and Carrie fell out because Carrie fired Samantha as a publicist and they are no longer speaking. end of their personal relationship. “

They continued, “You will see as the series progresses through the 10 episodes that Carrie misses her friend and wants to mend the relationship. […] In the words of Oscar Wilde, life imitates art. “

Additionally, said source claimed that the series is planning to return for a second season, but they are hoping that by leaving Samantha’s storyline open, Cattrall has the opportunity to change her mind about returning to the series and can easily resume. his role.

“We all miss Kim and hope she returns for the second season – the door will never close on her, she is an important part of the franchise,” the source said.

“Everyone missed Kim on set. The cast and crew love her and hope she comes back,” the insider concluded.

Fans were quick to point out that this storyline was not believable, given that Carrie had previously invested in Samantha’s PR prowess in a season four episode, titled “Cover Girl.” While setting up a photoshoot for the cover of Carrie’s upcoming book, the couple get into a fight and see their working relationship and personal friendship in hot water. However, Carrie and Samantha decide that friendship is more important than business at the end of the episode, which makes the context of their new feud rather unrealistic.

Sex and the city

Of course, Cattrall and Parker got into a fight years ago, after rumors emerged that Cattrall caused a sensation by blocking the third SATC film to move forward, before publicly calling Parker for his “cruel” behavior and for trying to portray a “nice girl” image.

It’s still unclear whether Cattrall will return for the second season of the reboot – and apparently unlikely – but until then, fans aren’t particularly happy with the plot, given Carrie and Samantha’s close bond. For now, however, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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