Anasuya Bharadwaj speaks out against age shaming after rowdy Vijay Deverakonda fans attack her online: ‘This is my final warning’

Telugu anchor turned actor Anasuya Bharadwaj is in a war of words with fans of actor Vijay Deverakonda. The actor is being trolled after an old controversy over his spat with Arjun Reddy resurfaces. Anasuya recently pointed out how Vijay’s latest film liger was being criticized but her “Rowdy” fans started attacking her with ageist remarks.

For the uninitiated, Vijay was heavily criticized for using a certain expletive in his hit movie Arjun Reddy. At the time, Anasuya also called out the actor for promoting abusive language after he uttered the same abusive dialogue at one of the promotional events. Now, five years later, when Vijay’s Liger opened up to surprisingly disappointing reviews, Anasuya tweeted about it without naming Vijay and calling it the doings of ‘Karma’.

Anasuya wrote in Telugu, which loosely translates to, “Karma is a boomerang and it comes back even though it’s late.” Mother’s pain will not go away. Karma.. Sometimes it’s hard to come, but it’s safe to come!!.” She also added the hashtags “#NotHappyOnSomeonesSadness but #FaithRestored”.

Soon after, she was attacked by Twitter trolls who started making ageist remarks about her and called her an “aunt”. Anasuya then issued a warning to all trolls and started calling out to them individually reposting their hateful tweets against her. She tweeted: “Here by…taking a screenshot of every account abusing me…shaming me calling ‘Aunt’..involving my family in this and I’m going to file a complaint and l ‘Bring me to a point where you will regret me for no legitimate reason…this is my final warning…’

She added, “I will also retweet any abuse until you realize what you are doing…you will realize why I am doing what I am doing…I am not a coward…hiding behind ‘fans‘…paying fake profiles to abuse me. hash tagging all these years and even now…you don’t know anything about what happened…”

The actor then responded to numerous tweets targeted at her and clarified that she knew her rights and had already spoken to cybercell, who will begin taking action against vicious trolls.

Anasuya Bharadwaj started her acting career with supporting roles in 2003. However, she gained recognition after her role in 2016 Adivi Sesh starring Kshanam in which she played the role of ACP Jaya Bharadwaj. The actor went on to star in films such as Rangasthalam, F2: Fun And Frustration, Yatra, and Pushpa: The Rise.

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