Amazon shoppers rave about Mary Ruth’s multi-mineral natural sleep aid

An Amazon post promising better sleep has garnered over 18,000 ratings with fans ecstatic about how life-changing it is.

There’s nothing more frustrating than struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

The constant tossing and turning is enough to drive anyone crazy and it is during these times that some people turn to sleeping pills for a little extra help.

While there’s a wide range of sleep inducers out there, from prescription pills to certain teas and tonics, Amazon shoppers have discovered a natural sleep remedy they swear by: sleep aids. natural multimineral liquid from Mary Ruth’s Organics.

It comes as a flavored drink that includes coconut and cranberry and is designed for those with sleep difficulties to sip just before hitting the sack.

It contains vitamins and minerals known to make it easier to fall asleep as well as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, selenium and manganese.

“When taken together, magnesium and boron help calm and relax the body to ensure deeper sleep,” it says in the description.

“Vitamins C and D3 support trace minerals to be absorbed more efficiently in the body. “Vitamin D3, a fat-soluble vitamin, aids in the absorption of calcium, which helps rebuild and maintain tissues healthy bones and nerves.”

The liquid sleep aid can cost around $78 plus tax.

However, fans can’t help but be thrilled with it, with the product racking up over 18,000 ratings – with an average of four stars – on US and Australian sites combined.

It also received 1205 other reviews, mostly five stars, on the brand’s own website.

A customer who gave him a perfect rating described him as a “life changer”.

“I take these minerals about 20-30 minutes before I’m ready for bed and by then I feel extremely relaxed,” they wrote.

“Before buying this product, I would stay up watching TV or reading long after ‘bedtime’ because I couldn’t calm my mind enough to rest. Not only that, but I often got up all night to use the rest room or just woke up to toss and turn. Then I woke up for work – pressed snooze three times – and felt tired all day until it was time to snooze. Now I wake up rested,” they added.

Another fan who also gave it a perfect rating said “this stuff really works”, while one woman claimed it was a “game changer” for her family.

“WOW! This stuff is amazing it looks like dreamy coconut cream and tastes like coconut heaven!” another person wrote. “When I received this I started to take 2 tbsp. per night (because if the taste to start…) and I slept so soundly for the 1st time in months.”

The drink is formulated by Marie Ruth Ghiyam, a US-based health educator, nutritionist and certified culinary chef – and is designed to be sipped, with each bottle containing 30-32 servings, so should last around a month.

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