Alan Jackson sings with daughter, celebrates 5 billion streams at Nashville concert



Friday was an unforgettable night for Alan Jackson as the country star headlined at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville – his first full concert at Music City in four years.

With “It’s Five O ‘Clock Somewhere”, “Chattahoochee” and many more of his classics, Jackson played several samples from his new album “Where Have You Gone”.

This included “You’ll Always Be My Baby (Written for Daughters Weddings)”, which he sang with one of his three daughters, Ali.

“Dude, she sounds great here, all of you,” Jackson said in the middle of the song, as family photos played on the video screens behind them.

Earlier on the show, Jackson was also declared a “billionaire” – streaming – as representatives of Pandora and his label, UMG Nashville, presented him with a plaque commemorating more than 5 billion coins on the platform. .

“Five billion streams,” Jackson remarked from the stage. “I wish mom had heard that. She wouldn’t have known what I was talking about.”

Friday’s show was Jackson’s first concert since he revealed in September that he had been diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease – a group of disorders that cause nerve damage – which affected his ability to move and keep your balance on stage. In an interview with the show “TODAY”, he said he had no plans to step down from the scene.

“I’ve always admired some of my heroes… they never retire, and they just play as much as they can and want, and I would love to if my health allows me.”

Alan Jackson performs in front of 2,000 rural cars in Cullman, AL on Friday, June 12, 2020. The outdoor concert was one of the biggest "drive-in" events since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jackson closed Friday’s concert (in a second encore) with the title track of “Where Have You Gone,” a plea for the return of “words from the heart” and “mild steel guitar” to country music.

“Sweet country music, where have you been,” he sang. “… the songs in your memory that I hold on to today / I won’t let them leave me, I won’t let them fade away.”

List of Alan Jackson concerts in Nashville

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“Summer blues”

“Live on love”

“I don’t even know your name”

“Good time”

“Midnight in Montgomery”

“The man with the blues”

“Who cheats who”

“Here in the real world”

“Chasin ‘that rainbow neon”


“You will always be my baby”

“It must be Love”

“The older I get”

“Route of the Seven Bridges”

“Small small”

“Country boy”


“Where were you (when the world stopped turning)”

“Don’t tip the jukebox”

“Remember when”

“It’s five o’clock somewhere”


“Where I come from”

Still n ° 1: “Mercury Blues”

Still n ° 2: “Where have you been? “


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