aespa K-pop’s 2nd issue on TIME’s “Next Generation Leaders”, fans ask “btw comeback when”

With the globalization of K-pop, the West has repeatedly recognized its impact on music and pop culture. We’ve had icons like EXO’s Baekhyun and Chungha, as well as rookies like STAYC and aespa on magazine lists like TIME. Well, they have once again honored the aespa of “monster rookies” by including them in the list of “Next Generation Leaders 2022”.

In 2018, BTS became the first K-pop group to be selected for TIME’s “Next Generation Leaders” list. It took four years, but now aespa has become the second K-pop act and the first K-pop girl group to be added to this list. Among the 10 influencers selected for the “Next Generation Leaders 2022” list, we have beauty influencer Deepica Mutyala, “Bridgerton” actor Jonathan Bailey, viral singer CKay and Mongolian tech leader Bolor Erdene Battsengel.

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TIME selects aespa for ‘Next Generation Leaders 2022’

South Korea and K-pop fans have been impressed that just two years into their music career, as they are about to transition from rookie artists to a K-group -pop in its own right, aespa has managed to secure a spot on TIME’s “2022 Next-Gen Leaders” list. As the only K-pop group on the list, aespa was chosen as a future global trendsetter for their potential contribution to improving the culture.

Having just wrapped up their stint at Coachella 2022 and becoming the third K-pop girl group to perform at the music festival, aespa had the chance to speak to WEATHER about their goals, as well as their qualms like the concept of AI which first received a lot of backlash when it was introduced in their early days. Karina shared that they wanted to push the boundaries of the imagination with their metaverse storyline and connect reality and virtual space while Ningning was happy that their fans embraced the concept and they embraced it with open arms.

“Congratulations to my daughters”

One fan adored the TIME shoot, “the aespas are really all-consuming every Magazine shoot.” Another was proud, “‘Metaverse Icon’ ‘Next Generation Leaders’ Yes, aespa is aespa and these are the 4th Generation Leaders.” A fan added: “Aespa has literally gone from rookie of the year to leader of the next generation. and “Congratulations, when are you coming back when?” One fan shared, “ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER SLAY.” Another fan added, “The next generation leaders are so real! aespa bigger than anything.” One fan joked, “I can bet gigi is already tired of explaining the concept in every interview lol.”

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