A Sheffield Beatles fan got the Fab Four autographs as a girl – then met Paul McCartney and told him all about it!


Fiona McCormick, originally from Sheffield but now living in Hampshire and working in London, recalled going to see the Fab Four at Sheffield Town Hall during her very first concert.

She said: “That day I was looked after by a babysitter. I would have been about 11 years old and I had gone with her to the town hall where she knew someone who worked there.

“As they were standing by the door chatting, some young people passed us and one of them handed me black and white photos which were all signed by The Beatles.

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The Beatles in Sheffield on December 8, 1965

“I now work in a VIP building and last Christmas Paul McCartney hosted a private party where I work. I got to talk to him and I told him this story and how I remembered the loud and exciting concert and my very first one. He laughed and said that one day I would be richer than him. I was surprised at how grounded he was.

She added: “I was crazy about the Beatles back then. I had the wig on and collected some chewing gum cards. The fact that it was my very first gig, I don’t remember as I did other gigs as I got older.

“I remember there was a lot of excitement and being very loud. People were screaming and screaming but I was around 11 I think and having a babysitter seems pretty ridiculous today but she took me with me.

Three of The Beatles meeting fans at Sheffield Town Hall in November 1963

“I didn’t really notice they were signed until someone told me.” Fiona said she believed the photos were in storage.

“I had the chance to meet some famous people”

She also has memories of other groups: “My first big crush was David Jones of the Monkees whom I loved. I waited two hours at Manchester Airport to see the Monkees a few years later, but only got a fleeting glimpse. But a few years later David Jones did pantomime in the UK and I got to meet him – he was really cool as I’ve always known.

“Then came the big one, David Cassidy – I was really in love with him.”

Fiona McCormick with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star Michael Ball

“I was lucky enough to meet a few famous people in my day because I have always loved music,” said Fiona. “But I hate these meetups and greetings that they do now that add a lot of money to the price of the tickets.”

She shared a photo of herself with Michael Ball at the London Palladium in 2002, recalling, “It was the first night of Chitty Bang Bang he was amazing in, with the wonderful Brian Blessed and the wonderful Richard O’Brien who Crystal Maze did. – he played the Child Catcher – and of course the car, it was an amazing sight.

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John Lennon and Paul McCartney on stage at Sheffield Town Hall

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