A Good Day for Democracy – by Charlie Sykes

Heads up: VA very special podcast today with Chef José Andrés, from Ukraine, where he coordinates efforts to serve meals to thousands of families surviving the horrors of war.

We spoke as he drove towards Mariupol on Friday…. Stay tuned.

A pilot exits a Ukrainian Air Force Mig-29 fighter jet (Photo by Danil Shamkin/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Happy Monday.

Ignore the overworked pundits: French President Emmanuel Macron won Sunday’s election by a landslide victory, crushing far-right Putin fan Marine Le Pen by a 58.5-41.5% margin.

So, like my colleague Bill Kristol wrote yesterday: Long live France!

Good for France. Good for NATO. Good for Ukraine. Good for the United States. And good for liberal democracy.

He suggests that perhaps we could use this victory to counter our own fatalism.

If we read the results of the French elections, exclaim: “Phew!” and fall back into fatalism, then we will drift towards an unhappy month of November.

But we could also look across the ocean, feel a certain national pride and resolve not to let the French – whose democratic revolution after all came after ours and had a less happy outcome than the ours – to surpass ourselves in maintaining freedom and democracy within twenty-five years. first century.

During this time at Slovenia, voters also overthrew that country’s budding authoritarian government. All in all, a good day for democracy.

Good news from Ukraine, By FT:

Just a month after opposing a Polish plan to supply MiG-29 fighter jets to the Ukrainian Air Force, the White House has pivoted, easing the supply of spare parts to Kyiv to hand over 20 combat aircraft in the air – and greatly expanding the range of heavy weapons it delivers to combat.

Via Kyiv Independent:


Another positive signal, if it is late:

The United States promised to gradually restore its diplomatic presence in Ukraine in a new signal of Western support as the war reached its 2-month mark on Sunday.

News of the diplomatic engagement emerged after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in Kyiv, as Zelenskyy urged the world to send more weapons and of support to help his beleaguered country fight against the Russian invaders.

Who knew?

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