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HM Krishna visits Minister Somashekar’s mother, his admirer; fulfills her 94th birthday wish

Mysore / Mysore: Seethamma Thimmegowda will never forget her 94th birthday as former chief minister and senior politician SM Krishna called her last night to wish her personally.

Ardent Krishna fan, 89-year-old Seethamma, the mother of Mysuru district and Minister of Cooperation ST Somashekar, had her “fangirl moment” yesterday at his Sadashivanagar residence when Krishna, as a politician, had to make her birthday wish come true. to meet the veteran politician.

As Krishna entered the house and said ‘Namaskara Amma’, Seethamma folded his hands and said in Kannada, “I wanted to see you and I had a deep desire. I am your big fan. Krishna returned the favor with equal warmth and learned that the nonagenarian enthusiastically does crossword puzzles in the daily newspapers.

The minister celebrated his mother’s birthday last week and he asked his mother about her birthday wish. Seethamma replied that being a good son he had made all his wishes come true.

FAMILY MOMENT: Former Chief Minister SM Krishna seen with Minister of Cooperation ST Somashekar, Minister’s mother Seethamma Thimmegowda, wife Radha Somashekar and son Nishanth Somashekar during his visit to the Minister’s Sadashivanagar residence yesterday.

During the conversation, Seethamma told her son that she wished to meet the former Chief Minister HM Krishna once.

Somashekar passed this matter on to his special officer Dinesh Gooligowda, who in turn told Krishna about Seethamma’s wish. Dinesh urged Krishna to indicate the correct day and time so that Somashekar could bring his mother to meet him.

But a gentle and kind-spoken Krishna politely told her that Seethamma was an elderly lady, it might not bode well if she visited his house and that would not be a good thing either. Instead, Krishna himself offered to visit Seethamma. And true to his words, Krishna visited the minister’s Sadashivanagar residence last night and spent time with Seethamma and the minister’s family.

Somashekar became moved as Krishna granted his mother’s birthday wish and Seethamma was also satisfied when the person she admired came to her house to meet her. Seethamma also came out of the house to see the special guest. Somashekar Radha’s wife and son Nishanth Somashekar were present.


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