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If you tuned in to watch tonight’s big game, you’re probably also here to catch your first look at new trailers released by various movie studios. Tonight, Marvel Studios released the trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and several fans on Twitter had their fair share of theories on Sunday night.

Let’s cover the top 5 theories being discussed about the new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie.

Maria Rambeau is a variant of Captain Marvel in the multiverse

Twitter user @houseofphoton has a watchful eye. A nifty side-by-side screenshot of actor Lashana Lynch, who played Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvelalongside a quick screenshot of Captain Marvel dressed and ready to go to war with Wanda paints an interesting picture.

Patrick Stewart’s voice heard off-camera, implying an X-Men appearance

Patrick Stewart has one of the most remarkable and recognizable voices in entertainment. There’s no doubt that despite being off camera, actor Sir Patrick Stewart is in the trailer. The formidable actor is known throughout the Marvel Universe as the leader of the X-Men – Professor X. And an appearance by Professor X could also mean an appearance by other members of the X-Men.

The Illuminati may have been confirmed

If you’re not familiar with Marvel’s Illuminati, the team made their first appearance in New Avengers #7 in July 2005. The original six members were: Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Professor X, Namor, Reed Richards and Blackbolt. With our doubts lifted on Professor X’s appearance in this sequel and the screenshots from the tweet above, it looks like we could see this Secret Society of Superheroes make their first screen appearance together.

Namor could make his big screen debut

Another member of the Illuminati is Namor, also known as Sub-Mariner. Namor is part of the X-Men universe, as he is a known mutant, born to a human captain and princess of the mythical underwater kingdom of Atlantis. It could also pave the way for him to possibly enter before he goes to Wakanda. As Namor is a known adversary of T’Challa in the comics.

Could we see Black Bolt again?

Another Illuminati member who may be heading to the big screen could be Black Bolt. The character made his first Marvel appearance in 1965’s The Fantastic Four #45. We’ve seen Black Bolt before on the small screen during the short-lived ABC series’ 8-episode run. Inhumans. Will Anson Mount reprise his role or will there be a redesign?

So what do you think of the fan theories so far? Anything we missed? Leave a comment on social media via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and let us know!

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