10 Anime Liars Who Fooled Everyone (Except The Audience)

Usually, anime lies are presented as shocking plot twists that keep audiences spinning. They are meant to embody narrative turns that can even project the trajectory of an arc in an entirely different direction. However, there have been instances where an anime liar is only able to shock those around him.

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Audiences are well aware of their machinations as they unfold, which makes them a little less groundbreaking when the big reveal is finally revealed. By identifying such instances, it becomes easier to determine whether the liar’s prior knowledge of the conspiracy made his claims less impactful.

ten Armin lied about Annie being tortured by the military police (Attack On Titan)

When Armin and the scouts were chasing Bertholdt, he tried to trigger him by any means necessary.

Realizing how important Annie was to the Warriors, Armin told them that she was being tortured by the military police.

Obviously, the public knew that was not true. Not only was the interrogation out of Armin’s character, but the protective shell surrounding Annie prevented anyone from reaching her.

9 Only a few knew Light’s intentions (Death Note)

The Death Note was introduced in the first act of the series, quickly falling into the hands of Light Yagami. Fascinated by its power, he used it to kill petty criminals and those he felt were misjudged by the courts.

It wasn’t long before L began investigating these murders, and in an effort to keep tabs on his enemies, Light joined the Japanese task force. Aside from Misa, the only person aware of Light’s true intentions was L. Everyone was completely oblivious and even suspected that L may have misjudged him.

8 Usopp lied to the Tontattas about his lineage (One Piece)

The Tontattas were a tiny, gullible people who once captured Usopp and Robin. Believing them to be members of the Donquixote family, they prepared to treat them accordingly. However, Usopp saw that they worshiped Noland and claimed to be his direct descendant.

Given their vague similarities, the Tontattas immediately agreed, released them, and apologized for their behavior. Usopp’s claims were fictitious, however, as he is actually Yasopp’s descendant of the Red-Hair Pirates. Nevertheless, the Tontatta were excellent allies.

seven There were hints of Sand’s betrayal long before the attack (Naruto)

Orochimaru’s invasion of the Leaf was meant to be a huge surprise, and for the people of Konoha, it certainly was. However, the public had a number of clues that made the reveal much less exciting.

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For example, Gaara was so bloodthirsty that he killed random shinobi not affiliated with the Chunin Exams. More convincingly, Baki assassinated Hayate Gekko after hearing him plotting with Kabuto. By the time the second day of fighting began, there was no question whether the Sable would attack; it was only a matter of time.

To the people of Amestris, Bradley was a kind and patriotic leader who cared about the safety of his citizens. However, the man’s eloquent manner belied his sinister true nature as Father’s strongest homunculus.

Having personally captured and reclaimed Greed for his master’s sake, it wasn’t long before the public learned of Bradley’s true allegiance. However, many State Alchemists were so convinced of his loyalty that they ignored the Northern Brigade’s attempts to reason with them.

5 Only a Few Knew All Might’s True Weakness (My Hero Academia)

All Might kept his weakness a secret in order to inspire a generation of heroes and discourage the villains. The only people who knew the extent of his injuries were Midoriya, a handful of professional heroes, and All For One.

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However, this changed after the Battle of Kamino. With his body pushed past its breaking point, All Might’s true fragility was exposed to the world. It was even worse considering he lost the rest of his power on the same day.

4 Sango was stupid to trust Naraku (Inuyasha)

After enslaving his brother, Naraku offered Sango a simple deal. If she managed to steal the Tessaiga, he would leave them both free. The Demon Hunter complied, stealing Inuyasha’s prized weapon in the middle of the night and giving it to the villain.

Her betrayal was swift and brutal, prompting Inuyasha to enter the fray on her behalf despite how she wronged him. Considering Naraku is an aggregate of hundreds of demons, most viewers didn’t believe he would honor his word in the first place.

3 Black Maria lied to Sanji about letting him go (One Piece)

Black Maria was one of Kaido’s Tobi Roppo. Given Sanji’s refusal to hit women, she quickly captured and tortured him into summoning Nico Robin with the promise that he would be freed once she arrived. In theory, she was more interested in the poneglyph user than a little fighter.

Considering that the Beast Pirates never honored their word (as shown by Kaido’s two deals with Oden and Queen’s rigged game), audiences didn’t believe Maria. Pretty sure she attempted to keep Sanji trapped once Robin arrived and cursed him when he escaped anyway.

2 Spike lied to Faye about coming back (Cowboy Bebop)

After Julia’s death, Spike prepared to avenge her. However, he was intercepted by Faye Valentine, who held him at gunpoint and asked him to abandon his mission. Spike reassured her that he was “not going there to die” and only wanted to know if he was actually alive.

While that was enough to calm Faye down, it really meant that getting revenge was more important than her own life. Based on how his battle with Vicious played out, his last words to her were poetic.

1 The Honest Minister Was Evil (Akame Ga Kill!)

Minister Honest was the Emperor’s adviser and a man of flagrant wickedness. Aware of the benevolent nature of his overlord, he exploited his gullibility by fabricating what happened outside the castle walls. He alleged that any report to the contrary was a treasonous lie intended to sow discord in the capital itself.

However, the kingdom’s corruption was evident almost immediately after the start of the story, where a noble family felt empowered to torture and kill Tatsumi. As a result, there’s never been a time when Honest has been the least bit convincing to anyone other than the child-king.

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